VH1 calls Night Flight “The single greatest rock omnibus program ever aired”

By on August 15, 2015

A few months ago, Dangerous Minds gave us a nice bit of press, just before we launched the very blog you’re looking at now, and yesterday we were mentioned in this VH1 post — “10 Greatest Hard Rock + Heavy Metal TV Shows of All Time” — and called, in their words, the “showcase-based rock series that did right by hard rock, heavy metal, and punk.” Big thanks to Mike McPadden at VH1, we’re honored! And we’re back!!

Here’s the post:

The single greatest rock omnibus program ever aired, Night Flight ran throughout the wee hours on Fridays and Saturdays on the USA network.

Truly capturing the “anything-is-possible” element of underground music, art, and cinema in the ’80s, there was never anything akin to a “typical” Night Flight episode, but certain elements regularly turned up in various forms.

Among Night Flight’s most potent ingredients were band documentaries, concert films, movies set in the rock world, experimental shorts, ancient monster flicks, art films, campy sci-fi serials, wacky televangelist clips, banned cartoons, profiles of crackpots and visionaries, shock rock expeditions, and music videos that MTV wouldn’t dare show.

Some of the movies Night Flight turned into cult sensations were the proto-riot-grrl polemic Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains; The Firesign Theater’s J-Men Forever; the Aussie punk drama Breaking Glass; and Another State of Mind, a “get in the van”-style video documentary following original hardcore heroes Social Distortion.


The “Heavy Metal Heroes” segment focused on classic hard rockers and the burgeoning thrash movement. “New Wave Theatre,” a half-hour that usually closed Night Flight, showcased early-’80s Los Angeles punk, hardcore, and art rock outfits.

Even describing all this is selling Night Flight short. In retrospect, that this glorious experiment thrived for as long as it did and was as popular as it became seems nothing short of miraculous.

At long last, a Night Flight website has launched that archives much of the original material. It also keeps the show’s spirit alive by exploring, analyzing, and delivering the weirdest, deepest, most thought provoking, and most profoundly rocking elements of the Internet in genuine Night Flight fashion.

“Get Back in the Daze,” indeed.

Photo below courtesy of VH1.

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