Watch The Cramps’ Long-Lost “Human Fly” Film: So Rare, Lux & Ivy Didn’t Own A Copy

By on April 23, 2015

Dangerous Minds have a new post up today heralding the rediscovery of a long-lost Cramps short film for “Human Fly,” an artefact so rare that apparently even Lux and Ivy do not have a copy of the film.

DM: The story goes that in 1978, the Cramps made a video, filmed by Alex de Laszlo, for their song “Human Fly” that featured singer Lux Interior (RIP 2009) in a classic movie-monster transformation scene—but it seemed like nobody saw it, or could even prove it existed. A close perusal of Thomas Owen Sheridan’s collection of contemporary zine articles about the band — itself a rare Cramps collectible — yielded exactly one reference to its existence.


Meanwhile, have a look at this video of Lux and Ivy taking a limo ride and talking about their interests and career. This was broadcast on StubTV, a half-hour newsmagazine-style program from 1987 that was actually included on Night Flight for a short time (the initial run of SnubTV‘s first 14 episodes).


(h/t Dangerous Minds)

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