Watch David Lynch explain New Wave

By on February 19, 2015

Where else could you expect to find David Lynch giving his unique interpretation of New Wave but the New Wave Theatre itself? Here he is, Lynch with host Peter Ivers somewhere in time between Elephant Man (1980) and Blue Velvet (1986), giving a surreal definition of New Wave that sounds like an graphic Animal Farm inspired prequel to Lost Highway.

This kind of hidden gems exist in bulk in the NWT archives. Host Peter Ivers brought more than his colorful cold opening soliloquies to the broadcast. He had creative relationships with many talented artists like Lynch and was always able to pull a unique, raw moment from them when he had them on the show.

And that “song” Ivers refers to in the clip? That’s Eraserhead’s iconic anthem “In Heaven Everything is Fine,” co-written by the pair. Have a listen below:


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