US Festival 1983: Days 1-3

NIght Flight Goes to the Movies and Latin Sounds

Last Of The Mississippi Jukes

Shawn Michaels - Legends Of The Square Circle

Punk Revolution NYC: The Velvet Underground, The New York Dolls And The CBGBs Set

Frank Zappa loves Night Flight

Green On Red - Valley Fever: Live at the Rialto

What Have You Done to Solange?

Salad Days: A Decade Of Punk In Washington, DC (1980-90)

Gene Simmons on Monogamy

Best Of The 80's Vol 3 Hawaii Wrestling

U.K. Subs - Dance & Travel In The Punk Rock Age

Dana Gillespie - As Blue As I Can Be

Larry Hankin Live at Beyond Baroque: Do Wow Swing & Bow Wow

Jim Capaldi on record shops in the 60s and meeting Steve Winwood

Frank Zappa on music videos

Larry Hankin: "Outlaw Emmett Deemus"

Night Flight - New Order Video Profile

I Heart Monster Movies

Super Stars Super Series Vol. 1: Greatest Pro Wrestlers Of The '70s & '80s

What Were They Thinking?

Larry Hankin: "Lost Signal"

45 Grave perform "Black Cross" on "New Wave Theatre" (June 5, 1984)

WASP on Night Flight (Part 1)

The Zombies - Odessey And Oracle (Revisited): The 40th Anniversary Concert

I Think We're Alone Now

Night Flight - "Take Off" to the Australian Invasion

Larry Hankin Live at Beyond Baroque: Emmett Deemus Tales

AKA Tommy Chong

Mike Wallington's Champions: "Ice Break"

American Hardcore: The History of Punk Rock 1980-1986

Joe Strummer (of The Clash): Video Killed The Radio Star

Larry Hankin: "Crossword Puzzle"

Night Flight - New Years '83 (Part 4)

Extreme Wrestling Legends: New Jack & Sandman

Inside Bob Dylan's Jesus Years: Born Again

Clutch - Full Fathom Five: Video Field Recordings 2007-2008

Extreme Wrestling Legends: Public Enemy

High Times Presents Jorge Cervantes: Grow Film

Ike & Tina Turner - On The Road: 1971-72

Zydeco Crossroads: A Tale Of Two Cities

Night Flight's R.E.M. Video Profile and Directions in Jazz

Extreme Wrestling Legends: The Violent Sabu

Video Killed The Radio Star - Oasis

Deep Sea Blues

Golden Temple Amazons

The Cat O' Nine Tails

David Bowie: Video Killed The Radio Star

Woody Guthrie All-Star Tribute Concert 1970

Larry Hankin: Uncle Emmett's "Tales of Dementia"

Frank And The Wondercat

Jim Capaldi can't quite get his Night Flight intro right

Records Collecting Dust II

Larry Hankin: "Did you have a nice Christmas?": An Emmet Deemus Pome

Allman Brothers - After The Crash


Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Video Killed The Radio Star

Color Me Obsessed: A Film About The Replacements

Tupac - Conspiracy

Gene Simmons on Kiss Fans

AC/DC Highway To Hell: Classic Album Under Review

Lewis Black - Black to the Future

The Capture of Bigfoot

Chrissie Hynde on the Rolex Generation

Bubblegum Crisis Ep. 3 (Blow Up)

George Crumb: Voice Of The Whale

Night Flight - New Years '83 (Part 2)

Derailroaded: Inside The Mind Of Larry Wild Man Fischer

AC/DC on the infamous school boy suit

Motley Crue on Sex

Woodstock: 3 Days That Changed Everything

Finding Joseph I: The HR From Bad Brains Documentary

Larry Hankin" "The Lost Tapes of Emmett S Deemus"

Larry Hankin Live at Beyond Baroque: Sometime Jones- A Quicksand Hero

Bubblegum Crisis Ep. 5 (Moonlight Rambler)

Frankenstein 80

Jim Capaldi on Traffic's secluded cottage where member of Led Zeppelin and more came to jam

Larry Hankin: "Quicksand Hero"

Ilsa The Wicked Warden

Deep Red

Bubblegum Crisis Ep. 4 (Revenge Road)

Wu-Tang Clan - Wu-Tang Saga

Hollywood Cop

Bubblegum Crisis Ep. 6 (Red Eyes)

The Color of Noise

Rolling Stones - Under Review: 1962 - 1966

B.B. King tells the story of why he named his guitar Lucille

Stone Roses - Made Of Stone

It Happened At Nightmare Inn

Adjust Your Tracking: The Untold Story Of The VHS Collector

Cemetery Without Crosses

Southwest Championship Wrestling: Best Of The 80s Volume 2


The Residents - The Commercial DVD

International Pro Wrestling Wars

AC/DC on being one of the biggest bands in the world

Night Flight - "Heavy Metal Heroes" and "New Film and Video"

Chameleon Club Documentary

Drop Dead Rock

Elton John: Video Killed The Radio Star

Woodstock Trailer

The Cure: Video Killed The Radio Star

Simple Minds: Video Killed The Radio Star

Ruben Blades - The Return Of Ruben Blades

Night Flight - "Heavy Metal Heroes" and "Video Vault"

White House Madness

Devo - Live Butch Devo and The Sundance Gig

Night Of Bloody Horror

Larry Hankin: "Happy Valentine's Day": An Emmett Deemus Rant

Tommy Shaw On His Solo Career

AC/DC's Brian Johnson on singing Bon Scott songs

The Mutilator

Circle Jerks - My Career As A Jerk

The Melvins: Salad Of A Thousand Delights

AC/DC on living up to Back in Black's sales

Frank Zappa on censorship (2)

To The Ends Of Time (1996)

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Animation

The Jesus Lizard - Club

Video Killed The Radio Star - Blur

Devo - The Men Who Make The Music

Larry Hankin: "My Uncle Emmett"

Larry Hankin - "Revenge Of The Ring Thing or Randalf & The Sacred Silver Sword of Truth"

Motley Crue Interview

Mondo Keyhole

Larry Hankin: "Outlaw Coming Attractions"

Jim Capaldi on why Traffic broke up

Larry Hankin: "I Hate To Say I Told You So"

David Bowie (1996 Interview)

DEATH by Metal

Pride And Joy: The Story Of Alligator Records

Larry Hankin: "Valentine's Day": Emmett Deemus says "I wrote a little pome for you"

The Inheritors

Calexico - Flor De Muertos

Clockwork Orange County: The Rise of West Coast Punk Rock!

Soaked In Bleach

Ratt Night Flight Interview 3

Video Violence 2

Marijuana (1968)

The Boot Factory

Joy Division - Under Review

D.O.A.: A Right Of Passage

Tupac - Aftermath

The Vampire

Night Flight - Short Film Showcase and Directions in Jazz

Robin Williams was on the set of that sexist Helix video

Blowing Fuses Left & Right: The Legendary Detroit Rock Interviews

Gene Simmons and Lisa Robinson Outtakes

Harry Nilsson - The Point (The Definitive Collector's Edition)

New York Dolls - Lookin' Fine On Television

Frank Zappa Summer '82

Bikini Beach Race

Muhammad Ali - The Man, The Moves, The Mouth

Sid Vicious - Final 24: His Final Hours

Linda Lovelace's Loose Lips

Pit Stop

Jonathan Cain and Steve Smith on Journey's video games.mp4

Larry Hankin: "Independence"

The Specials - 30th Anniversary Tour

From The Back Of The Room

X: The Unheard Music

Rhythm 'N' Bayous: A Road Map To Louisiana Music


Bob Dylan - Revealed

A Tribute To Les Paul: Live From Universal Studios Hollywood

Night Flight Third Anniversary Special Part 1

Helix show a hint of remorse for that sexist 80s music video featuring Traci Lords

I Need That Record! The Death (Or Possible Survival) Of The Independent Record Store

Life On The V: The Story Of V66

Iggy and The Stooges - Raw Power Live: In The Hands Of The Fans

US Festival: 1982 The US Generation

At The Drive-In

Diamonds for Kilimandjaro

Ozzy Osbourne on Night Flight

TV Party: Crusades Show

Stiv: No Compromise No Regrets


AC/DC were riding motorcyles and playing videogames between records in 1986

Jane's Addiction - Alive At 25

King Dinosaur

Larry Hankin Live at Beyond Baroque: Sometimes Jones Speaks With God


Curse Of Faceless Man

Day of Anger

Bubblegum Crisis Ep. 8 (Scoop Chase)

Frank Zappa on his legacy

Chrissie Hynde on "Be Bop A Lula"

Extreme Wrestling Legends: Rob Van Dam & Raven

TV Party: Documentary

Jim Capaldi remembers touring with Joe Cocker

Night Flight - Space Patrol and Malcolm McLaren Profile

Night Flight - New Years '83 (Part 1)

Gil Scott-Heron - Black Wax

Children Of Dracula (1994)

Bubblegum Crisis Ep. 7 (Double Vision)

John Lee Hooker - Cook With The Hook: Live 1974

I'm Now: The Story Of Mudhoney

Outsiders - The Skin Horse: John Samson

Night Flight - Outrageous in Hollywood

Billy The Kid Vs. Dracula