The incredible living sculptures of Valencia, Spain-based artist Marie-Lou Desmeules

By on January 14, 2017

Our friends at Dangerous Minds turned us on to the incredible living sculptures of Valencia, Spain-based visual and performing artist Marie-Lou Desmeules today. Desmeules creates sculptures using people’s bodies as her base, covering her models under acrylic paint & recycled materials in order to transform them into the image of someone else, including some of Night Flight’s faves like John Waters, Divine, Andy Warhol and others.


John Waters

Here’s what it says on her website’s bio:

“French-Canadian artist Marie-Lou Desmeules moved to Berlin at the age of 21 to start her career as a painter. She promptly felt restrained by that sole medium & began experimenting different techniques and mediums until she found her Painting Surgeries: a mix of performance, painting, sculpture and photography.

Most of all, Marie-Lou works directly on her models. She covers them under recycled material such as cothes, plastic, hair, paper & acrylic paint in order to create sculptures out of them. The final artworks are photographs of the living sculptures.

In her series “Celebrities”, Desmeules (re)creates pop culture icons and famous personnalities. Her work questions the notion of beauty, the growing cosmetic industry, genders and identity. Most of all, Marie-Lou invites the viewers to rethink the role of visuality in today’s image obsessed society.

Desmeules has performed & exhibited in Germany, Canada, Italy, Denmark, Turkey, France, USA, Romania, Spain & Poland. Her work has been published in several countries all around the world. Among others, in The Telegraph, China Daily, DNA India & Berliner Zeithung. In few months, her work will be featured in the famous Ripley’s Publishing “Believe it or not.”


Marie-Lou Desmeules is currently based in Valencia, Spain.


Bashar Al-Assad & Marie-Lou Desmeules, 2014

(h/t Dangerous Minds)

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