The BEST of Christmas TV: A 30-year look at the absurd world of holiday broadcasting gone wrong, really wrong

By on December 25, 2018

You will probably not be asking yourself “Why, oh, why must Christmas come but once a year?” after viewing this destined-to-be-viral-video montage of Christmas TV gone horribly wrong.

Thirty years in the making (1959-’89), this perverse assortment of celebrity-heavy, retro Xmas television clips is going to keep you guessing what’s coming next. The curiosity factor permeates to such a degree that you’ll be rendered virtually unable to look away, and that’s a good thing in this case.

Just when you think it can’t possibly get crazier, it does, and then even more absurd, and finally, when 1970s actor Marty Feldman is seen performing a Christmas duet with Goofy, this 12-minute masterpiece becomes downright obnoxious. “The Cosby Show” kids are attempting to do what looks like dancing with Punky Brewster and, well…it’s so bad it’s good.


More than a handful of the non-celebrities seem to be gazing into the camera, overcompensating with huge, wacky holiday smiles; in particular, take note of the mustached Christmas sweater-clad barbershop clan.

This masterfully-edited look at the world’s most celebrated holiday was made possible by pop culture clip licensing powerhouse Retro Video raiding the tape vaults of over a hundred of their clients’ libraries (including Steve Allen, Flip Wilson, Andy Williams, Bob Hope, Captain & Tennille, Perry Como, Nat Morris’s “The Scene,” and Broadcaster Stanley Siegel to name a few) for the oddest, most disturbing Christmas footage ever lensed.

This, of course, includes the legendary “F**k Christmas” performance by the punk band Fear, appearing on “New Wave Theatre” (the language is why this must be considered NSFW viewing).


Night Flight has agreed to host this Xmas exclusive for Retro Video as it’s a perfect match for their unique library of vintage oddities and would’ve been right at home on the long-running “Night Fight” TV series.

(Originally posted in 2016).


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