The Best of 2018: Here’s another look at this past year’s most popular cult films and retro TV titles

By on January 1, 2019

Happy New Year from Night Flight! Today, we’re posting the last of our compilations of our most-viewed new arrivals from 2018 in order to give you a chance to catch up on some of the most popular titles we’ve got streaming over on Night Flight Plus.

If you’re one of the new subscribers who have recently joined the rest of us at Night Flight Plus, you might be wondering what have been some of the most popular titles we’ve got for you to check out on our streaming channel.

Below we’ll be presenting you with a look at the most popular titles in three major categories — this blog will focus on Best of 2018: Retro TV & Cult Films — and we’ll be posting highlights below from some of the Night Flight blog posts during the past year, along with links to those titles on Night Flight Plus.


We like to think of Night Flight as a beacon sending signals into the far reaches of the cultural unknown and waiting to see what comes back. This year we made… CONTACT.

Collections like Church of The Subgenius, Blue Underground, and complete TV series like Captain Power & the Soldiers of the Future and Skeleton Warriors answered the call this year, not to mention a myriad of standalone cult masterpieces like The Giant Spider Invasion and The City of the Dead.

Here are the most-binged Cult and Retro TV titles:

Arise! The SubGenius Movie

Arise! The SubGenius Movie tells the story of beloved founder J. R. “Bob” Dobbs and his Church of the SubGenius, an adults-only discordia-influenced “religion” ideally meant for those who “slack.”

Arise! is a mind-melting 86-minute collage of clips created for the sole purpose of attracting and indoctrinating new believers into the Church’s semi-spiritual slacker belief system.

Night Flight are also pleased to be able to share several SubGenius shorts, including The Ballad of “Bob”; Adventures in Teen Life; Day of the SubGenius, and Reproduction Cycle Among Lower Life Forms Under the Rocks of Mars, an award-winning claymation film and big hit at film festivals that Rev. Stang and Dr. Drummond did in 1978.


The Paul Lynde Halloween Special

On Friday, October 29, 1976, the ABC network aired The Paul Lynde Halloween Special,” a campy candy-cornish cornucopia of memorable ’70s TV moments.

This nearly hour-long Halloween-themed special — featuring comedy sketches, choreographed song & dance routines, celebrity guest cameos and KISS‘s primetime TV premiere aired just once, but we’ve now got it streaming for you on Night Flight Plus.

In addition to KISS lip-synching and flash-bombing their way through three tracks from Destroyer, “The Paul Lynde Halloween Special” also features host Paul Lynde cracking jokes with Margaret Hamilton, Billie Hayes, Billy Barty, Florence Henderson, Tim Conway, Roz “Pinky Tuscadero” Kelly (Fonzie’s main squeeze from “Happy Days”), Betty White (appearing as an angelic “Miss Halloween”) and cutie pie sibling singers Donny and Marie Osmond, among others.


Linda Lovelace’s Loose Lips

“My name is Linda Boreman. I was formerly known or once known as Linda Lovelace, the survivor of Deep Throat,” says the star of Linda Lovelace’s Loose Lips during this 90-minute documentary‘s opening scene.

This fascinating and decidedly NSFW documentary-style film was co-directed by pop culture journalist, historian and author Legs McNeil, who conducted Lovelace’s last filmed interview before her tragic death after suffering massive internal injuries in a car accident.

She died nineteen days later after being taken off life-support at age 53.


The Deadly Spawn

In the beloved bargain basement-budgeted cult classic The Deadly Spawn — a huge cult hit when it was released in 1983, now streaming in our Horror section over on Night Flight Plus — it all comes down to a handful of plucky citizens to find a way to stop angry space alien salamanders from reproducing before they gobble up everyone in New Jersey, one bite at a time.


Hollywood Cop

Iranian director Amir Shervan’s first English-language film, Hollywood Cop follows what happens after a violent crime mob kidnaps the child of one of their former members only to find themselves having to deal with a renegade mullet-headed cop.

This NSFW cult classic — featuring cameos by veteran actors Cameron Mitchell, Troy Donahue and Aldo Ray — includes multiple shootouts, car chases, fist fights and some sloppy kung-fu fighting, not to mention a little girl-on-girl oil wrestling and lots of Pepsi product placement.


Shock Waves

The ever-growing plague of American-born & bred Nazi zombies doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon, but, believe it or not, we used to only be able to see Nazi zombies in horror movies, like the ones in Ken Wiederhorn’s low-budget creepfest Shock Waves (1977), just one of eighteen cult horror titles you’ll find in our Blue Underground section on Night Flight Plus.


We here at Night Flight HQ would like to thank you for being here. We’d love to take all the credit ourselves for all of the things that make Night Flight special, but the truth is: it’s you.

We thank you for your continued support of Night Flight Plus, and will do our best to bring you even more exciting titles next year (2019 is finally here — have you made any New Year’s Resolutions Night Flight needs to know about? Let us know).

To quote Peter Ivers in Night Flight’s 1983 New Year’s Special: “People need to believe humanity has a future, and there can be no future without culture.” Well, Night Flight patrons, YOU are the future of culture. Happy 2019!


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