Suburban Lawns perform “Janitor” on New Wave Theatre

By on February 16, 2015

In this clip from New Wave Theatre, host Peter Ivers introduces post-punk band Suburban Lawns in a poncho saying “I’m wearing this outfit to protect me from the sprinklers.” What follows is a dizzying, fascinating performance of “Janitor” by the Long Beach based Cal-Arts grads lead by singer Sue “Su Tissue” McLane.

Later in the bit, Iver’s refers to Su Tissue’s performance as catatonic, which although perfectly fitting, you could probably add in a dash of the manic as well. This is of course evidenced by her somewhat unhinged emphasis during the line “Who’s your mother, who’s your father? I guess everything’s irrelative.”

Ivers goes on to interview the band about which “outmoded sensibilities” their songs are about, leaving both the audience and Ivers to wonder whether those sensibilities might be grandiose concepts of freedom or simply surf rock. Guess everything’s irrelative.


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  • †erroris†

    Uh I think you mean McLane not McClean friend. Derp! It’s okay though. It happens. Fix it! ☻

  • Bryan Thomas

    Yes, you’re right, thanks for the correction on this three-year old blog entry!