“Skeleton Warriors”: The forces of good & evil battle in this bone-jarring animated TV series

By on September 21, 2018

Premiering in the spring of 1995, Skeleton Warriors was a short-lived CBS Saturday morning adventure-filled sci-fi/fantasy series created by TV producer Gary Goddard, who also co-created Captain Power & the Soldiers of the Future.”

You can now watch all thirteen original episodes of this show’s first and only season over on Night Flight Plus.


“Skeleton Warriors” tells the story of the all-powerful Lightstar Crystal, which has protected the planet Luminaire for eons, but that peace is shattered with a bone-jarring battle that plunges the planet into war.

Now that it no longer has the crystal’s power to protect its citizenry, the planet’s royal city, LuminiCity, falls into the hands of our story’s villain, the treacherous Baron Dark, and his legion of outcasts and mercenaries.

The Baron is rewarded with a ghastly new form — that of a living skeleton — for his evil deeds, and as a result he now has the power to turn others of equal “evil heart” into Skeleton Warriors!


The “Legion of Light” — they’re the good guys, led by young “Prince Lightstar” — offer up the last line of defense as the battle between good and evil rages on

This super-powered family of heroes confronts an epic challenge in each episode of this cult-classic sci-fi fantasy adventure.


The original Playmate Toys’ Skeleton Warriors action figure series — which was produced to support the CBS cartoon, in addition to apparel, video games, comic books, trading cards, and more — never did take off at retail, unfortunately for all concerned.

The line of toys died before a second season could come to life.


There was enough faith in the series, though, that Tara Toy Corporation released a Skeleton Warriors “Collectors Case” around the same time.

The toys may have failed at retail, but at least kids had a place to store their evil skeleton action figures so that Mom wouldn’t get scared!


In 2014, “Skeleton Warriors” returned from their early grave with new toys created by October Toys.

Watch the announcement video for “Skeleton Warriors” 20th Anniversary Action Figures here.


You can read the descriptions for the first five of the thirteen episodes of Skeleton Warriors below.


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Gary Goddard

Obviously, we recommend that you begin your “Skeleton Warriors” binge-a-thon with the first episode, “Episode 1: Flesh and Bones.”

This episode originally aired on the CBS network on March 23, 1995 (some official series sources also claim began airing on CBS in the fall of ’94, so who the heck knows?!).

Each episode is narrated by a computer-generated Skull who provides a dark and creepy intro and outro that provides the viewer with context in this on-going battle between good and evil.

Episode 1: Flesh & Bones: Discover a spectacular animated world where good meets evil in a sci-fi collision of high technology and mythic fantasy.

When the Lightstar Crystal is split into two, the kingdom of LuminiCity is plunged into darkness and divided into two warring factions.

Now, the rightful heirs to the throne must come together to battle the powerful forces of the evil Baron Dark and reunite the two halves of the crystal before their world slips into the shadows forever!


Episode 2: Trust & Betrayal (original airdate: March 30, 1995): Someone has betrayed the humans and the Legion of Light is captured by Baron Dark. All fingers point to their brother Grimskull because he has the ability to mentally connect with the evil Baron Dark.

Episode 3: Heart & Soul (original airdate: April 6, 1995): For the first time, the humans discover a way to stop a Skeleton Warrior when Talyn discovers that by removing a Warrior’s heartstone, that Warrior is instantly refleshed.

Ferris leaves the Legion of Light, unable to trust himself after his transformation, but he finds enough courage to warn the Legion of Light of a surprise attack and say goodbye to Talyn.


Episode 4: Bones of Contention (original airdate: April 13, 1995): For the first time, the humans discover a way to stop a Skeleton Warrior when Talyn discovers that by removing a Grimskull and some Legion of Light commandos investigate what is believed to be Baron Dark’s new Crystal Chamber, but instead find a data crystal.

While wondering why Dark wants the Legion to have the crystal so badly, Grimskull escapes an ambush of Skeleton Warriors, during which the commandos are captured. The data crystal reveals footage from when the Lightstar Crystal was split, which also reveals Joshua’s tragic mistake.

The angry refugees brand Grimskull a traitor and are prepared to have him executed when Prince Lightstar steps but now Grimskull needs to find a way to rescue both the hostages and his older brother.


Episode 5: Zara (Original airdate: April 20, 1995): A young woman named Zara, who also happens to be an old flame of Justin Lightstar, appeals to the Legion of Light for help when Baron Dark and the Skeleton Warriors invade her village stealing food and medical supplies.

The Legion agrees to help, but during the mission, Justin and Grimskull are forced to relive old hurts and past memories of the young woman they both still care for.


You can read the rest of the descriptions for episodes 6-13 here.

Watch Skeleton Warriors on Night Flight Plus.


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