Paolo Mucciarelli & Enrico Ranzanici’s “The Mysteries of Pebbles” is the first place winner in the 2019 Raw Vision Short Film Competition

By on April 18, 2019

“We are delighted to announce the winner of our short film competition,” organizers of the Raw Vision Short Film Competition have recently announced, naming Mucciarelli Studio’s filmmakers Paolo Mucciarelli & Enrico Ranzanici’s The Mysteries of Pebbles as the first place winner.

Watch a selection of the judge’s favorite films from the 100-plus entries, including Mucciarelli & Ranzanici’s Italian-language short film — courtesy of Raw Vision magazine, the world’s only international magazine of outsider art, art brut, visionary art and contemporary folk art — on Night Flight Plus.


The four minute, 27-second video The Mysteries of Pebbles takes a close look at Luigi Lineri’s art environment “El santuario dei sassi” (the Sanctuary of Stones) in Zevio, Italy.

According to what we’ve read in this 2010 article on Outsider Environments blog, Luigi Lineri — born in the small community of Albaro, Italy, in 1937 — lives in the community of Zevio, in the neighborhood of Verona, on the Adige River, which runs parallel with the Po River through northern Italy.

Since 1970, Lineri has been collecting and arranging stones according to the characteristics they share in common.


Luigi Lineri (found here)

Lineri believes that the stones are not the work of nature but that they have been sculpted by “our primitive fathers.”

Read more here, if you can read Italian.


The stones of the Adige River (courtesy of Francesco Galli/FGP Photo)

Second place in the short film competition went to filmmaker Toby Amies’ Great Gardens Laz Pozas (NOWNESS).

Amies’ entry presents “Edward James’s concrete garden in a valley in the Mexican jungle. Originally built to spite nature which had killed his prized collection of orchids in a freak frost, Las Pozas became his most famous poem, one written in concrete.”


Third place went to Erika Manoni’s Antonio Roseno de Lima.

Manoni’s entry “introduces Antonio Roseno de Lima, known as ARL (1926–1998), who was born in Alexandria, a small city in northeastern Brazil. Finding himself reduced to poverty, he fixed up a living space for himself – a small, unsanitary cabin with no lighting in the ‘Três Marias’ favela of Campinas – remaining there until his death. Although diagnosed with schizophrenia and diabetes, Antonio painted every day.”


More stones (courtesy of Francesco Galli/FGP Photo)

The judges — Frank Maresca, Jeffrey Wolf, Bruno Ducharme, Javier Tellez and with help from James Brett — looked through over one hundred films before arriving at the winner and runners up.

“With over one hundred entries it was very difficult for the judges to make their final decision,” the announcement from Raw Vision continued, “… as the standard of films was very high and they found it difficult to divide the top twenty or so from one another.”


“We hope very much to organize more public viewings of the films and will be arranging similar competitions in the future. A big THANK YOU to all those who sent in such fascinating films – we really appreciate all your efforts and the subjects that were brought to light.”

Raw Vision was first published in 1989 with the express purpose of bringing the phenomena of Outsider Art to a wide public. The first edition of Raw Vision presented works known to just a handful of people around the world.

Raw Vision has since continued to feature new discoveries of Outsider artists and unknown places such as sculpture gardens and extraordinary self-made buildings.


Enter the world of Outsider Art through Raw Vision, the unique journal that alone among regular publications can introduce readers to an art that is pure, exciting, raw, an art that has real meaning and integrity.

Below: Issue 101 of Raw Vision (order a copy of the current issue here).

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