Outsider Cinema: The Cinefamily hosts an evening with one-man showcase legend Laz Rojas

By on February 8, 2016

Tonight — Monday, February 8th — our friends at the Cinefamily, at the Silent Movie Theater in Los Angeles, will host an evening of free entertainment featuring outsider artist and one-man showcase legend Laz Rojas — actor, screenwriter, filmmaker, artist, cartoonist, human chameleon, master of disguise, and one-man movie studio.

The screening is part of The Cinefamily’s outsider legend series, and will include a set by DJ Adam Papagan playing outsider music.


Rojas — who was born and raised in New York City — self-describes himself as a heterosexual male actor who has portrayed hundreds of characters — male and female both — of all ages and races, in films he has written, directed, edited and produced himself. He’s also an artist, a cartoonist, and… well, let’s just say he does it all.


Here’s a little more from Cinefamily about tonight’s screening and their outsider legend series:

Beyond mainstream, indie, and the underground, there lies “outsider cinema”, the backyard domain of some of the world’s most creative, crafty, and truly cracked filmmakers ever to have cranked a camera (or to have hit the “record” button on a camcorder). The handiwork of hobbyists for whom making movies is a release from the drudgery of a day job — or the escape valve for unquenched obsessions — these hidden-in-plain-sight masterminds work entirely without, and beyond the limits of conventional actors, storylines or even formal training— Like the expansive one-man casts of Los Angeles’ Laz Rojas (playing every male and female role). The results are always a unique and entertaining concoction of tall tales, nightmare visions, exhibitionistic fantasies and undefinable revelations. Join us in an epic presentation guaranteed to change the very idea of what a lone visionary is capable of in the field of art… and in spite of it.

Here are scenes from just a few of Rojas’s many outsider films:

In “Triangle,” Rojas portrays over 100 characters in 52 scenes, including a Hollywood producer with a secret past, haunted by memories of a murder he ordered twenty years earlier, who tries to manipulate a screenwriter who is also involved with his daughter, who just happens to be the son of the man he killed; Rojas plays the screenwriter and his Hollywood agent, who tries to warn him about the producer.


In “A New Life,” Rojas portrays a married couple — both the man and woman roles — who have recently relocated to Los Angeles. They have dinner with the husband’s college buddy and his flaky wife. Meanwhile, Rojas also plays several real estate agents, gossiping in the office, including a two-timer who tries to placate one of his girlfriends after standing her up.

In “A Family,” which takes place in 1956, Rojas portrays a teenager geting ready for her date with a guy from the wrong side of the tracks who has to deal with her mother’s disapproval.

In “Temporary Heroes,” alien invaders plot the surreptitious take-over of local forces on a neutral planet during an interplanetary war. Rojas portrays numerous chracters, including a smuggler-turned-resistance leader who tries to procure black market weapons to fend off the alien invasion.


The Cinefamily — located at the Silent Movie Theatre at 611 N. Fairfax, Los Angeles, CA 90036 — would like you to pre-register in order to help them track attendance for this “first come, first serve” type admission (your registration does not guarantee you a seat).

Also, as Cinefamily is a non-profit, all of their donating 1-year “Black Card” members get priority entry to their free shows. Donating for a Cinefamily membership is the perfect way to both support the theater, and to gain access to the early-entry line.

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