Norman Reedus’ L.A. opening attracts photography and zombie fans alike

By on November 19, 2015

Night Flight attended the opening night reception for actor/photographer Norman Reedus’ photography exhibition at Voila! Studio in Los Angeles last Thursday, November 12th, which was quite a success.

Reedus — many know him from his role as Daryl Dixon on AMC’s “The Walking Dead” — wasn’t able to attend, but that certainly didn’t stop hundreds of his loyal fans from coming out, and some of his fans even provided their comments for Reedus to see later.

Early on the gallery was so packed that there was a line stretching quite a ways down La Brea Ave., as far as the eye could see (Voila! is located 518 North La Brea Avenue; the exhibition is set to run from Nov. 12 through Dec. 31st).

In addition to Internet celeb Curtis Lepore (who has 9 million followers on the video-sharing site Vine!), fellow artists Richard J. Oliver, Artem Ostapenko and Jake Lamagno (his sculptures were also featured throughout), actress Danielle Vasinova, actors David Spade and Vincent Spano, singer Cynthia Basinet, David Fahey (co-owner of the Fahey/Klein Gallery on La Brea) and Sherry Etheridge, David Banuet and Josh Dietz of Rubicon Entertainment were just a few of those among the hundreds in attendance.

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