Night Flight’s “Dynaman”: Five good-looking Japanese friends from all walks of life!

By on November 22, 2017

in the late ’80s, one of Night Flight’s more popular original programs was the very silly mock-dubbed parody TV series Dynaman,” and we’re happy to announce that we now have all six complete “Dynaman” episodes streaming on Night Flight Plus!


“Dynaman” — which parodied episodes of the Japanese Super Sentai TV series “Kagaku Sentai Dainaman” (“Scientific Task Force Dynaman”), originally produced by Toei Company Ltd. circa 1983-1984 — featured rubberized monsters, offbeat humor, ’80s-era SFX and an ’80s soundtrack (Billy Idol, Huey Lewis & the News, Morris Day & the Time and more), all dubbed with hilarious dialogue courtesy of a few of the “Kids in The Hall.”

Earlier this year, Night Flight contributor Mike Vanderbilt took a look at the origins and production of “Dynaman” and we encourage you to check out that previous blog post for additional background info.


The TV show’s five heroes (well, one is a heroine) were introduced as “Five good-looking Japanese friends from all walks of life: Wooshi, their leader, is Dyna Red. Huba, able to leap tall trees, is Dyna Black. Franky, the human outboard motor, is Dyna Blue. Cowboy, the slow thinking weapons expert, is Dyna Yellow. And their main squeeze, Slojin, is Dyna Pink.”

Read more about “Dynaman” and the plots of all six episodes below.


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Plotwise, all six episodes of “Dynaman” revolve around how our five color-coded heroes — with help from their very smart mentor, “Dr. Ho” (voiced by Peter Alves), and the Comic Relief Machine — fight off mutant invaders and villains to save DynaCity from total destruction, usually with Japan’s Mt. Fuji hovering in the background.

The two main villains on the show were “Bernie Tanaka” (Emperor Aton in the original series, voiced here by Jack Newman) and “Mel Fujitsu” (formerly General Kar, voiced by Alan Gordon).

Both Tanaka and Fujitsu are former colleagues of Dr. Ho’s, until they were disfigured in a laboratory accident.

Tanaka is also helped by his son, British rock star (??) “Nigel Cochran” (formerly the five-tailed Prince Megiddo) and his pretty young niece “Lucy” (formerly Princess Chimera, voiced by Angela Muto).

Tanaka and his minions travel around in their Grand Gizmo, a large creature-shaped flying vehicle with an open gaping mouth and a huge tail.

Usually, in each episode, the Dynamen find themselves battling close-range with all sorts of karate-kicking soldiers, but they also have to fight with monsters — genetically-engineered amphibians, mammals, and cephalopods — created with a Gene-Splitting Machine.

These monsters are, there’s no other way to put it, PURE EVIL.


DYNAMAN: Pilot Episode 1 (Cy Steinberg)

In the first episode of “Dynaman” we learn all about Cy Steinberg, the first of the gene-spliced monsters created by Tanaka and his son Nigel.

Cy Steinberg — formerly the director for a badly-conceived music video, voiced here by Rick Shurman — has been transformed into a crab-like monster (originally “Crab Evo”) who is able to create bubbles which he uses to encase and capture his victims.

DYNAMAN: Pilot Episode 2 (Rhinoman)

In the second of the two introductory pilot episodes of “Dynaman” we meet Rhinoman (voiced by Ray Landry), created by the evil Mel Fujitsu using the Gene Splicing machine on a rhinoceros, which now has super-human strength.

The Dynamen fight off Rhino Man (originally “Rhino Evo”) — which uses mace-like “rhino missiles” which can turn into swords — in several different long-range battles, damaging it with their Super Dynamite weapon.

DYNAMAN: Episode 3 (Day of the Dolphin: Flipper’s Revenge)

In the third episode, our personal favorite, the Dynamen do battle with a genetically-modified evil dolphin named Mr. Flipper (“Dolphin Evo”), who wants to exact revenge against Dr. Wheatley, the sea marine doctor who created him.

Mr. Flipper has a mutated version of the hyper-sonar abilities that normal dolphins do, but he also the ability to walk around on land like a human.

Mr. Flipper — Lucy’s boyfriend, it turns out — was originally a good dolphin mutant at first, and used during the Vietnam War for blowing up ships and kill bad guys, before he became a bad dolphin.

The episode also features Lucy’s half-sister, a sexy mermaid.

DYNAMAN: Episode 4 (Lizard of Oz)

In the fourth episode, the villains decide to re-make the beloved childhood favorite movie The Wizard of Oz as The Lizard of Oz.

Mr. Fabulous (“Bat Evo”) is a bat monster who is also a talent agent, sent to turn people into lizards so the villains get all the extras they need for free.

Or something like that.

DYNAMAN: Episode 5 (The Seven Loves Of Lucky Pierre)

Episode Five — another fave — features an evil French frog monster, Lucky Pierre, who has been kidnapping brides at their weddings, using his ten-foot tongue and poison perfume.


Dyna Pink goes undercover as a bride — taking the place of one of her schoolmates — in a plot that simply has to be seen to be believed.

DYNAMAN: Episode 6 (Last Adventure of Spunky the Wonder Squid)

In the sixth and very last episode of “Dynaman” we meet Spunky the Wonder Squid (“Octopus Evo” is his equivalent in the original Japanese series), a maniacal flying cephalopod with a deadly “nose pistol” that fires a noxious black ink.

Spunky can jump high into the air, change shapes (including flattening his body into what appears to be a tasty sushi snack), and he shoot out bolts of electricity from his hands (yes, we said “hands”).

Spunky comes along to ruin Huba’s birthday party, posing as his rich uncle from outer space, Roger.

The plot also has something to do with a weapon called a solar cannon, which uses the sun’s unlimited power to create a powerful and deadly beam.


Watch all six episodes of Night Flight’s Dynaman on Night Flight Plus!

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