Night Flight welcomes sex therapist Dr. Ruth and her ’80s TV show library to Night Flight Plus!

By on June 16, 2017

Night Flight is excited to announce that we’re adding sex therapist Dr. Ruth‘s video library to our Night Flight Plus channel.

That’s right, we’ve now got Dr. Ruth’s exclusive ’80s vintage interviews with celebrities, rock stars and lots of special guests, plus special excerpts and selections compiled from her cable TV shows which all aired between 1984-1990.


Diminutive dynamo Dr. Ruth Westheimer hosted at least five television shows on the Lifetime cable network in the 1980s, right around the same time that “Night Flight” was airing over on the USA Network.

We’ve always loved her groundbreaking after-hours TV shows — where she talked frankly about sexual matters long before anyone else was doing it — so much so that we now consider Dr. Ruth one of our extended Night Flight family members.

She’s like an awesome open-minded aunt or that sibling with an easy smile, and we wish she was always around so that we could ask her advice about… well… practically anything.

You can always expect to hear the truth from Dr. Ruth!


Her show “Good Sex with Dr. Ruth Westheimer” was first launched as half-hour 10pm weeknight show on the Lifetime network back in 1984.

The “Good Sex” show — filmed at Lifetime’s Astoria Studios and co-hosted by always-smiling Larry Angelo — featured Dr. Ruth’s interviews with special guests.


She also answered letters on the air, staged short therapy sessions with troubled couples who appeared with her onstage to talk about their sex problems, and she took phone calls into the studio from the TV audience watching at home.

There were other surprises now and then too, but you’ll just have to watch the episodes to see what happens.


Dr. Ruth & Anthrax

“Good Sex” proved to be such a popular show that in 1985 that it was expanded to a full hour, nightly, and the name of the show was changed to “The Dr. Ruth Show.”

We’ve got exclusive episodes from both of these shows compiled in our library.


Dr. Ruth & What Turns Women On

We’ve also added shows from “What’s Up, Dr. Ruth?,” which aired in 1989.


We think you’re going to love seeing her New York City studio audiences in all their fashionable ’80s glory: girls and guys in pastels and bright-colored polyester outfits with bulky shoulder-pads, with their big hair teased out or cut into a hi-top fade or heavy metal mullets.

We’ve also got episodes from her “You’re On The Air with Dr. Ruth” TV talk show series, a call-in show which aired in 1990.


Dr. Ruth & Jerry Seinfeld

We’ll be selecting excerpts from specific shows we think you’ll really enjoy seeing again — or maybe you’ll be seeing them for the first time — which feature odd/humorous exchanges and conversations we think are going to pretty much blow your mind.

For instance, we found one therapy session where Dr. Ruth talks with a guest who has a pirate fetish! Argh!


Dr. Ruth & UFO Experts

Dr. Ruth frequently brought up hot topics to discuss freely that most other TV talk show hosts avoided, including orgasms, the practice of safe sex (one word: prophylactics), masturbation, pornography, rape and consent, casual sex, love affairs and adultery, one night stands, oral sex, orgies, transvestites, transgender and gender identity issues, and lots of other spicy subjects that probably proved to be too hot for prime-time TV back in the day.


Dr. Ruth & Gloria Steinem

Here’s a list of the first batch of excerpts you’ll be able to watch if you’re a Night Flight Plus subscriber:

Dr. Ruth & Burt Reynolds ; Dr. Ruth & Charles Pierce ; Dr. Ruth & Bianca Jagger ; Dr. Ruth & Jackie Mason ; Dr. Ruth & Lee Grant ; Dr. Ruth & Gloria Steinem; Dr. Ruth & Jerry Seinfeld ; Dr. Ruth & LL Cool J ; Dr. Ruth & Anthrax ; Dr. Ruth & UFO Experts ; Dr. Ruth & What Turns Women On and Dr. Ruth & What Turns Men On.


Dr. Ruth & LL Cool J

As you can see from this initial batch of episodes, some of Dr. Ruth’s special guests were well-known celebs who really need no introduction, not to Night Flight fans!

Others might require a bit of explanation, like, for instance, when “Good Sex” co-host Larry Angelo introduces us to Charles Pierce, who, Angelo tells us, does impressions of “some of the sexiest women of all time… Bette Davis, Marlene Dietrich, Joan Crawford, Mae West and many more”


Dr. Ruth & Charles Pierce

Pierce — who initially used small props, like wigs and lit cigarettes, before he began dressing up in full drag — does a pretty great impression of Bette Davis on the show (the divine Ms. Davis was probably the actress he was best known for impersonating).


Dr. Ruth & Burt Reynolds

Some of the episodes — like the “Good Sex” interview with Burt Reynolds — even feature the actual TV commercials that aired during the original cable TV broadcast!

We know you’re going to love those!


There’s much more we could tell you about Dr. Ruth.

For instance, at age seventeen, she went to Israel and became a member of the Haganah, a group of Jewish paramilitary freedom fighters, where she trained as a sniper.

A sniper!


We’ll leave that story and more interesting Dr. Ruth tidbits for future posts here on the blog. Stay tuned!

Find a seat on the couch and get ready to watch selections from our new Dr. Ruth library at your leisure, they’re streaming now over on Night Flight Plus!


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