Stuart S. Shapiro | Creator of Night Flight


In June of 1981
When Night Flight first premiered
I held the strong vision that Night Flight would be
A Beacon of
Fresh Cutting Edge Entertainment.

When we first started and for several years
I had the unique luxury to have
Total control of whatever we wanted to broadcast.
In fact in the very beginning I can remember driving out to the New Jersey uplink with the One Inch show masters myself.
In the early days of US Cable there was
A Spirit that cable was going to bring something
Different and
In many ways this has proved to be true.
However, it was not very long until the execs at
USA Network became fearful of language and other restrictive content.

That game changer happened one weekend when we aired the classic music doc Rude Boy.
As I had previously distributed the film at midnight in movie theaters
I did not take the time to screen it and just put the uncut version on the air….
Of course there is a good old
Rock and Roll blowjob scene in the bathroom!
I come into the office on Monday Morning and get all these messages:
“Do you know what was on Night Flight this weekend?”
After that escapade USA hired a Night Flight manager to screen all our content before being shipped off.

The early years of Night Flight were the
Most fearlessly creatively free ones in my career.
There was a true sense of creative achievement and
I was very much aware that Night flight was providing a window to
A Greater Universe to the Millions who had no idea that a
New Wave Punk scene was screaming from Los Angeles.
Or that Video was actually an Art Form.



Creative freedom is not just the ability to say Fuck whenever you want,
It is more a sense that programming choices are made
Not by commercial forces,
Not by analytics of taste,
Not by paranoia of getting kicked off the stage,
Not by fear of being taken to jail because of acts of sexual innuendos and language.
The artist whether
A painter
A musician
A comedian should
Start and End the
Creative Spirit with a pure sense that
He or she can allow their creativity to flow freely from the creative heart
Without a personal or outside Censor.

I always felt the basic difference between the
Film platform and the TV from
A creative point of view was the
Degree and built in state of
Creative Compromise all along the process.

The beauty of Night Flight was that we were dedicated to
Exploring and

New and Old
Eclectic Content
Without someone looking over our shoulders and telling us that
This was shit or
Not appropriate or
Too outrageous for broadcasting.
AND we had 8 hours on Friday night and
Another 8 Hours on Saturday so that we could
Fill it with both long form and short delights.

We also felt that our programming mixes and
Contextual voiceovers were always from an
Educational and informative position.
To accomplish this huge amount of programming time we developed many sets of
½ hour shows that were profiles on artists and
Thematic approaches to the music video medium and its artists.

Over the years I personally became more aware of the
Night Flight influence to the 80’s generation
Providing both inspiration and
The relief that the world was not flat.
That the Day the Music Died really never happened.



I believe it comes down to
Discovery and a sense of surprise
And an anarchistic sense of entertainment in a
Late Night Forum immersed in a
Cultural Video Revolution.
A TV Journey to get high on.

The Wow Factor of
Artistic Discovery in
All its varied Glory is what
We aspire to and will get from Night Flight.

Night Flight will continue to embrace
The DNA of Nostalgic Content both in a
Contextual format and in a Pure TV Streaming Format.

The good news for all of us Night Flighters is that we have
No Time Limit!
Fuck 8 hours a night only on Friday and Saturday night.

The Internet has freed us!

No Censors.
And we are as Hungry Today
For something different yet familiar
As we were in 80’s.

The Night Flight Library is a
Unique Cultural Time Capsule of
Artistic Youth and Expression
And for that we are so thankful!



There was another component to Night Flight and that was
The DNA was Infused with
Progressive Social and Political Persuasion
We had fun with our political characters
Always in a good nature.

But today brings a higher meaning to our
Night Flight Nation.
And that is where
Impact comes in.
Impact is the heartbeat of Night Flight.
Great content always needs meaning that resonates
That is why it becomes Great


We have to create a new video revolution!

For Today’s Generation.
The Internet Generation.
The Global Hot Generation.
The Streaming Generation.
The You Want It
You Got It Generation.
The Global Citizen Generation.
The What the Fuck are We going to Do
If it’s Already Too Late Generation.

My Dream is that the Impact Section
Will be a Beacon for Short Form Content for
Social Meaning and Progressive Grass Roots Stories.
Enough Fucking Cat Videos!




While we are on The Night Flight Journey

Enjoy the Nostalgic Flame from
The Hundreds of Artist Interviews
From the 80’s
They have a Rare Purity and in Look and Quality.

The Heart Beat of Nostalgia is Precious
The Wonderful Emotions of
The Good Old Times
It’s Different for Every One Us
No Matter What Age
But the Feeling Is the Same
Tied to
Getting High with Your Older Brother
Knowing Your Mom or Dad
Were Getting Stoned and
Trying to Hide it.

Sneaking in the Basement
Stealing a Bud from Your Dad and
Hoping He does Not Know It.
Nostalgia is the Best Pot in Town.
That’s a Unique High on its Own.
That is what we want to
Embrace and Nourish.
Smoke Nostalgia On Night Flight!
Smoke Nostalgia With Night Flight

We promise to always
Endeavor to
Tie together the
Old and the New
And the Young and the Old

Soon Surprise will be Embedded in the
Wall Mosaics in the TV Section.
And we are not going to tell you what’s in them.
Remember Discovery is our DNA.

Hope you can
Get Lost in the Daze.

A Shout Out to my Original Night Flight Team that Made All this Possible:
Jeff Franklin, Cynthia Friedland, Stuart Samuels, Eric Trigg,
Pat Prescott, Lisa Robinson, Kathryn Kinsley, Al Bandiero

Glad to be Back!



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