Night Flight Midnight Movies: A free on-demand midnight movie every weekend!

By on November 25, 2016

We’re stoked to announce our new Night Flight Midnight Movie series, which begins this Saturday, November 26th, with a free on-demand feature available every Saturday night at midnight 11pm (EST) through 12pm (EST) Sunday.

The films will be made available on all of Night Flight Plus’s platforms including, Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV.

Anyone with one of these devices can download the app to start watching the weekend’s Midnight Movie on their TV.

Computer and tablet users can stream directly from their browser or cast to a Chromecast.

The first four films, in order, are:

Forbidden Zone (11/26):

The Men Who Make the Music: Devo (12/3)

Raw Power Live: In the Hands of the Fans: Iggy and the Stooges (12/10)

The Dicks from Texas (12/17)


Audra Schroeder — reviewing Forbidden Zone‘s original motion picture soundtrack for the Austin Chronicle in 2008 — had this to say about the first time she watched Forbidden Zone:

“I saw Forbidden Zone on “Night Flight” as a kid, and it deeply fucked with my Catholic-schooled head. A sci-fi musical? Animated art porn? Frog people? Only years later did I come to appreciate its low-budget genius and black humor, but it was the score to the film’s savage Sixth Dimension, where Hervé Villechaize’s the king and Susan Tyrrell his dirty-dealing queen, that turned the black-and-white film neon.”

The shock cinema musical masterpiece Forbidden Zone made its television debut on USA Network’s “Night Flight,” and today we’ve come full circle with presenting the newly-colorized film as our first free on-demand Midnight Movie.


“Night Flight” was a cable TV show that aired on the USA cable network from midnight to 4am on Friday and Saturday nights.

The show was the creative brainchild of Stuart S. Shapiro, who created the show — premiering on June 5, 1981 — with the idea that it would be, in his words, a “beacon of fresh, cutting edge entertainment.”

Today, Shapiro says this about our Night Flight Midnight Movie:

“Our Night Flight Midnight Movies Live Channel is the beginning of the next generation of Night Flight, where digital entertainment for the cutting edge and for the anticipation of discovery of something new and the revival of classic jewels can create a connected community of a shared DNA that can engage in real time just like the Old Daze.”

“Night Flight grew out of a generation of stoners that went to Midnight Movies in theaters around the country to party and be entertained and we offered that transformative experience through the innovation of cable TV in our own homes that many Night Flighters shared all night long with the friends and even siblings.

Today — with the innovation and connectivity of digital channels such as Roku, Apple TV, and Facebook Live —  we can build an experiential time zone that will trigger a nostalgic high in real time. Night Flight is the best weed in town. This is fucking exciting and just the beginning!”

Once again, our new Night Flight Midnight Movie series begins this Saturday, November 26th, with a free on-demand feature available every Saturday night at midnight 11pm (EST) through 12pm (EST) Sunday.


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