Night Flight launches “Short Film Showcase” with filmmakers Don Swaynos, Yen Tan, Hutch Crane, and Peter Litvin

By on January 3, 2020

A classic Night Flight Original segment returns tonight with our new “Short Film Showcase” row on Night Flight Plus!

One of the many great features of the original Night Flight series was the airplay given to young and student filmmakers starting their careers. In the ’80s, Night Flight gave a platform to animators like Wes Archer and the early projects of Alex Winter, who like many of the filmmakers featured on our airwaves went on to have acclaimed careers in TV and Film.

Tonight, we’re excited to bring back this platform with independent filmmakers working today starting with these four titles:

Don’t Ever Change – Dir. Don Swaynos, the reunion of a woman and her estranged daughter is interrupted by a man with an unusual request.
The Horrible Life of Dr. Ghoul – Dir. Don Swayno, A late night horror show host is having a bad day.
The Outfit – Dir. by Yen Tan and Hutch Crane, a congressman is haunted by an outfit that won’t go away.
The Slump – Dir. by Peter Litvin, discover Hollywood’s Dark Side.

Head over to Night Flight Plus to start watching a mix of old and new independent short films!

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