New Wave Theatre hosted Wet Picnic (before the lead singer went on to win Oscars)

By on May 20, 2015

Is it possible that this same unhinged lead singer with a dangerously pronounced jugular of 80’s band Wet Picnic went on to win two Best Original Score Oscars for Brokeback Mountain (2005) and Babel (2006)? Yes, all true. That and he scored the best rated video game of 2013, woeful zombie odyssey “The Last of Us.” Maybe that last one is a bit more fitting.

Hard to imagine when you look at him perform their single “Tension,” but Argentinian multi-instrumentalist Gustavo Santolalla went on to write somber, delicately unfolding scores for major television, film and most recently video game projects. Most of his early recordings and  bands have flown under the radar, but this gem from NWT proves how fascinatingly diverse an artists creative arc can be. Musically, the song is actually pretty interesting. Falling somewhere between Billy Joel and Gary Numan, Wet Picnic manages to pull off an incredibly tight and engaging performance on the dependably rowdy New Wave stage.

After watching the NWT performance, check out a recent video with Santoalla in the studio leading an orchestra, outlining his roots and talking the creative process.

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