New Wave Theatre: An Introduction

By on February 11, 2015

If you were flipping through the channels late-night in the 1980’s you may have come across the friendly face of Peter Ivers, likely mid soliloquy, espousing some universal philosophical truth. At which point, you may have asked yourself “Who the F*** is this?” or “Why am I still awake?” Whatever the answer to the latter, it’s likely you didn’t go to bed anytime soon, because Peter Ivers was in the middle of introducing New Wave Theatre, a variety show covering the new wave “music renaissance” hosted by the Harvard educated Ivers.

Here at Night Flight, we will be sending out transmissions from the archives of New Wave Theatre, pulling the best moments from the late mad-scientist Peter Ivers show. To start us off, here is introducing an episode and describing what makes a true “new music band.”

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