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By on November 18, 2016

Welcome to Junior High School!

We’re thrilled to announce that David Wechter & Michael Nankin’s adorable 1978 short film Junior High School is now streaming on Night Flight Plus.

When it came out, the film drew praise from critics, led to making of Disney cult classic Midnight Madness, and (fun fact!) it was the first exposure for singer/choreographer Paula Abdul.

Now it gets to call Night Flight Plus home.

According to Roger Ebert, “the movie remembers the funny and the painful aspects of [puberty]…a completely winning, sunny, and wickedly funny experience.”

Read more history about Junior High School on the blog.

And for the over-achievers out there, don’t miss the directors’ commentary.

Being that we’re in the “nostalgia business,” and consider ourselves purveyors of quality retro feels, this is a special one for us. Hope you enjoy!

Bananarama For The Win!

It might be virtually impossible to live life in modern western society without being inundated with even just a touch of “Venus” or a hint of “Cruel Summer” in your day-to-day.

Get in touch with the roots of this ’80s icon in our recently added 1985 video profile.

“Bananarama’s trademark is a happy-go-lucky lite approach,” Pat Prescott calls it. That’s true… but don’t discount their rowdier roots.

According to Dangerous Minds, Bananarama covering Sex Pistols is the “punkest thing ever.'”


Anti-Government, Anti-Establishment. It’s A Revolution Mother.

Inquire within for some late ’60s countercultural documentary footage of bikers, hippies and peaceniks.

It’s A Revolution Mother — originally released in late 1969 as Biker Babylon— is another fine example of no-budget drive-in sleaze now streaming as part of our Something Weird collection on Night Flight Plus!

Read more on the blog.


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