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By on January 6, 2017


“It’s time now for Dynaman!”

Good news from the Night Flight vault! An episode of Dynaman (in all its dubbed glory) has been discovered and is now streaming on Night Flight Plus.

This might be our number #1 requested segment, so let this be proof to the Dynaman fans that our trips to the archive are frequent and we hear you.

To start us off we’ve got The Lizard of Oz, which originally aired on Night Flight in 1988. What are you waiting for? Start Watching!


Eighties Anime arrives on Night Flight Plus

Here at Night Flight, we’re working tirelessly to bring you a complete nostalgic entertainment solution. The ’80s are often referred to as the “Golden Age” of Anime as the art-form hit its stride with global exposure and expanded art direction, story and genres.

Obviously, we had to add some.

We’re starting off our collection with two classic series and one feature.

Bubblegum Crisis

– The Japanese Cyberpunk Classic Series! Venture into an all too probable future, where technology has run amuck, and emotion is all that separates Man from Machine.

Vampire Princess Miyu

– A four part 1988 horror manga adaptation. As the demonic forces of the Shinma strive to obtain a foothold upon the mortal plane, spiritualist Himiko seeks the truth.

Riding Bean

– Think of it as “Lethaler Weapon.” Bean Bandit is the top courier in the Chicago area, and a man who isn’t shy about operating on the wrong side of the law.


Communications from Beyond

Consider The Life After Death Project a late night tune-in to Coast To Coast AM radio. Filmmaker Paul Davids’s 2013 documentary is a captivating look at the director’s personal quest to determine if there is life after death by investigating what he calls a true case of “After Death Communication,” or ADC.

The film also pays homage, in a unique way, to his longtime friend, the late Forrest J Ackerman, a founder of science-fiction fandom and the longtime editor of the pulpy Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine, which he helped found in 1958 and edited for twenty-five years. Ackerman also famously coined the term “sci-fi.”


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