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By on December 30, 2016


A New Year on Night Flight!

If there’s one thing 2016 has taught us, it’s that our pop culture icons of decades past are more essential, meaningful and relevant than ever. Night Flight and Night Flight Plus plan to be with you for the long haul, preserving the memories and legacies of the art that matters most.

Thanks for joining the journey. We look forward to another year.


It’s 1983. 11:59pm. TV, ON. USA Network, dialed in. Night Flight New Year’s, begin!

Before we find ourselves plunging headlong into the unknown of Year 2017, we thought we’d take a look back at all five hours of our vintage 1983 New Year’s special — which also features a special episode of then-ongoing L.A.-based live concert series New Wave Theatre — streaming exclusively on our Night Flight Plus channel.

This casual “Best Of Night Flight” is an early peek into Night Flight’s growing profile in the avant-garde film and music scene and includes some absolutely stunning segments with Grace Jones, J-Men Forever, and interviews with Ozzy Osbourne and Devo, and so much more.

Check out the blog this week for a more comprehensive summary of all five segments


Coming Up Next? Full Episode of Night Flight!

We wanted to make sure Night Flight was your one stop shop for nostalgic entertainment this holiday weekend, so we added another uncut episode. It begs the questions: Where else could you find 1950s cult video segments like “Tom Corbett, Space Cadet” (we’ve got episodes of Space Patrol too!), followed by unknown student filmmakers of the Lynchian persuasion cut into a Kaiju Midnight Movie trailer?

Who else would sequence Blue Oyster Cult interviews back to back with Black Sabbath’s iconic Beat Club performance straight into a music video medley featuring Depeche Mode and The Belle Stars?

Where on television could you be challenged, excited and inspired all at once? Night Flight of course!

Watch this full episode at once.


Close out the year with “The Greatest”

We’ve kept up with the whirlwind of lost icons this year by sharing the best editorial, original segments and feature films we could find.

Muhammad Ali was one of those, and though we didn’t cover him as much as some of the others, we thought it fitting in a very special Night Flight way to close out the year with some extra attention paid to the retrospective documentary Ali in Action: The Man, The Moves, The Mouth — you’ll find it streaming on our Night Flight Plus channel.

As always, thanks for watching and see you in the New Year!



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