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By on December 23, 2016

Retro Christmas!

Welcome to our Retro Video Christmas Special, a tour through through the warped prism of 50+ years of Christmas television.

An exclusive from Night Flight’s archivist, Retro Video, this compilation of Christmas clips through the television ages cruises through almost every entertainment fad and music genre to bring you a survey of the often ludicrous depiction of the holiday season.


It’s the Christmas Supercut you didn’t know you needed.

Featuring a scandalous Ms. Claus promoting “L’eggs Pantyhose,” Marty Feldman performing a Christmas duet with Goofy, Arnold Schwarzenegger calling out all the “Bad Santas” out there and the always comforting performance of FEAR’s “F*CK Christmas” from New Wave Theatre.

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The Cult of Satan (Santa)

This week on the Night Flight blog, we took Christmas to new cult heights with a couple great articles, including:

– Looking back at director John Waters‘s views on Christmas, specifically highlighting an essay in which he claims Santa is an erotic figure.”

– Celebrating an underground Satanic Christmas Classic with the mysterious J.X. Williams’ holiday horror mash-up, SATAN CLAUS

– Going deeper into the worm hole with the 1959 Mexican film Santa Claus, which has Santa, Satan, demons, the ‘wizard of wizards’ Merlin the magician and is featured prominently in J.X’s film above.

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A little acid rock inspired ’80s music videos on Christmas?

So when you’re sitting down with the grandparents or in-laws and looking for something to watch as the holidays wind down, why not cue up Night Flight Plus and take a trip through Night Flight‘s survey of Acid Rock visuals and their return to the pop landscape in the ’80s.

Our latest addition from the archives sees us tracking the visual cues and sonic elements of Acid Rock as it makes a major flashback for the ’80s through artists like S’Express, The Cult, The Psychedelic Furs, Nina Hagen and The Mission.

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