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By on October 6, 2017

Horror Month on Night Flight Plus!

Here it is, folks: October has arrived and Night Flight Plus is proud to add an excellent selection of titles to our already eclectic offering of b-movie, cult, and strange Horror titles.

Horror Month Final

We’ve got a lot going on this month, including some horror-themed Night Flight Original Episodes a ridiculously good October Spotify playlist (see below) and more, but in the meantime sink your teeth into the above/below titles which as of tonight, are available to Night Flight Plus members!

Available Now:

Society (1989)

The Black Cat (1981)

Bride Of Re-Animator (1989)

Blood Rage (1987)

Madhouse (1981)

Donnie Darko (2001)

The Mysterious Monsters (1976)

The Residents: Talking Light

Charles Manson: Superstar (1989)

Monster Make-Up, Hosted By Dick Smith

Watch Now! (And check back on the Night Flight blog soon, we’ll have new posts about some of these movies soon!)


Elvira on “New Wave Theatre“!

“Elvira and I are a perfect couple, so we may get married. At a Red Wedding!” — Peter Ivers.

Tonight’s original episode comes in the form of “New Wave Theatre” and features musical acts Bad Religion, Red Wedding,Monitor, Party Boys, Brainiacs and Ghost Host Elvira.

“New Wave Theatre” is one of the most cherished members of the Night Flight family.

Have you see the Best Of New Wave Theatre Special streaming on Night Flight Plus?

Watch New Wave Theatre!


Night Flight Spotify: Halloween Edition!

Night Flight’s October Spotify playlist is now up! Join us as we welcome the dark chills of fall with our Halloween-heavy mixtape of fifty essential tunes featuring Goblin, Christian Death, Alice Cooper, Q Lazzarus and so much more!


Didn’t get a chance to listen to last month’s playlist? No worries, we have it archived on our Spotify Profile!

Listen on Spotify!


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