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By on September 22, 2017

Falco Video Profile (1986)

“First there was Emperor Franz Joseph, then came Muscle Man Arnold Schwarzenegger, now another superstar from Austria…”

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Tonight’s original episode is the 1986 Video Profile of Falco.


Featuring his massive hits from the mid ’80s, older cuts like “Der Kommissar” (later covered by After The Fire) and candid interview segments with the Austrian superstar, this episode is a true Night Flight classic.

Love Night Flight’s classic Video Profile segments? Perfect, we have a whole section!

Watch Falco’s Video Profile!


Lene Lovich – Live From New York At Studio 54

Just Added: Watch an incredible Lene Lovich performance at Studio 54 in NYC from December 4, 1981 feat. Thomas Dolby on synthesizer.

That year, Stephen Holden of the NY Times wrote, “Miss Lovich put on a fascinating show in which she sang, played the saxophone and danced with a lurching spontaneity that seemed half-demented. Her favorite mode is a wild, hiccupy vocal attack that often breaks into semi-improvisatory bird calling that soars easily to an E-flat above high C.”

Watch Lene Lovich Tonight!


Borbetomagus: A Pollock of Sound

Another gem from our New Arrivals, the first-ever feature-length documentary about the New York noise-rock pioneers of the extreme whose metallic monolith of sound outpourings have defied description for the past nearly-four decades.

Filmmaker Jef Mertens’s doc includes rare archival footage and previously-unreleased free improv recordings replete with thick, roaring waves of static and lacerating, obliterating bursts of electronic noise.

Watch tonight!


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