New this week on Night Flight Plus!

By on September 8, 2017

New Arrivals on Night Flight Plus!

As we move into the next stage of Night Flight’s streaming platform (we’re calling it 2.0), we’re excited to introduce 30 new streaming music titles to our platform this weekend!


Highlights include music docs and concert films from Tom Waits, Brian Wilson, Kiss, Devo, Neil Young, Circle Jerks, Frank Zappa and Lydia Lunch!

There’s a ton to love in here, and we’re excited to share much more before the end of the year.


Full List of Titles Here


Night Flight’s “Take Off To Sex Vol. 4″ captures the spirit of the ’80s

“Rock ‘n’ Roll is a Blues euphemism for sex,” Pat Prescott tells us at the beginning of this 1985 episode of Night Flight, streaming tonight on Night Flight Plus.

Take Off To Sex” is a provocative look at video eroticism with Apollonia 6, Berlin, The Pointer Sisters, Van Stephenson, Fred Schneider, Helix and more.

Stick around after the show for a special Mr. Bill segment too!


“In hindsight, it probably was sexist…” a repentant Brian Vollmer told Night Flight in regards to Helix’s “Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'” video which, yes, is included in tonight’s episode.

We’ve covered this video and other Traci Lords projects at length on the Night Flight blog.


September Spotify

September Spotify Playlist is now live!

Join us as we say goodbye to crushes and a hot, cruel summer with this sweet September soundtrack. Inquire within for tracks from Kate Bush, Pere Ubu, Suicide, Tom Tom Club, Giorgio Moroder and much more.

As always, we keep last months mix in the archive so make sure to follow both our profile and the official Night Flight playlist to stay up to date.


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