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By on August 18, 2017


Essential music documentaries on Al Green and Sonny Rollins added to Night Flight Plus!

For the last 4 decades, director Robert Mugge has entrenched himself in the world of music to create excellent documentaries on titans like Sun Ra, Gil Scott-Heron, George Crumb and Rubén Blades (all of the above are now streaming on Night Flight Plus).

This week we’re adding two new films to that lineup: Saxophone Colossus, an homage to legendary Jazz Saxophonist Sonny Rollins, and Gospel According to Al Green.

With each film we add to Night Flight Plus, Robert Mugge is gracious enough to give the Night Flight Blog a behind-the-scenes look at how the documentaries were created.

Check them out on the blog now.

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John Harrison’s absurdist short film Ubu aired on Night Flight in July of 1984

Night Flight Plus is possibly the only place online where you can see some of the independent short films we originally aired on Night Flight back in the 1980s, including director John Harrison’s Ubu, which was adapted in 1973 from the late 19th Century absurdist play Ubu Roi by Alfred Jarry.

Many of these hidden gems appear in our Full ‘As Aired’ Special Episodes!


Interesting Note: Harrison went on to work with George A. Romero as his assistant director on Creepshow (1982) and also Day of the Dead (1985).

We love the connections and invite you to check out a candid 20-minute interview with Romero now streaming on Night Flight Plus as well as Ubu, which appears in an ‘As Aired’ special.


Summer of Night Flight: Take Off To BBQs and Bikinis

Following last week’s “Take Off to the Beach,” we’re continuing the summer trend with this week’s newly added original episode: “Take Off To BBQs and Bikinis.”

Within you’ll find videos from Wham!, The Cars, The Untouchables, Jimmy Cliff, and Pat Prescott trivia time: “What happens when the original surf rockers trade places with 900 pounds of rap?” The Fat Boys’ Wipeout!


Speaking of summer music, did we mention we’re on Spotify? The Official Night Flight Playlist is updated every month!

Start listening right here!


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