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By on July 7, 2017

Black Sabbath Video Profile!

Get ready for a special one folks: Welcome to Night Flight’s 1986 exclusive video profile of Black Sabbath, now streaming on Night Flight Plus!

“They were the most successful and controversial metal band of the mid ‘70s. Hated by critics, adored by their fans, Black Sabbath mixed a taste for the occult with bone crushing volume,” Pat Prescott proclaims.


This special episode features Night Flight’s iconic interviews with both Ozzy Osbourne and Tony Iommi, and covers over a decade of the band’s output and individual members’
solo careers. Absolute essential viewing for Night Flight and Sabbath fans alike!

Start watching.


Black Sabbath (1963) Arrives on Night Flight Plus!

As you’ll learn from our Ozzy interview in the original episode above, the band once known as Earth needed inspiration for a new band name.

For part 2 of our Black Sabbath double feature we give you just that special inspiration: BLACK SABBATH.

That’s right, we have the classic horror film that inspired the group’s name. Directed by the king of Italian horror Mario Bava, this trio of atmospheric horror tales is the perfect companion for tonight’s programming.

Watch with us.


Night Flight’s Spotify Playlist: Updated for July!

The July mix is now live! Soundtrack your summer days and nights with Cherrelle, Bauhaus, Cabaret Voltaire, Grace Jones and more. Tune in every month for a brand new playlist.

YES, there is Black Sabbath on this playlist. Listen now and remember to follow our playlist and channel.


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