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By on December 2, 2016


Devo’s first home video arrives!

We’ve added an absolute belter to Night Flight Plus this weekend. That’s right, now you can watch an essential classic from a great Night Flight deity, Devo.

This unique film documents a time when Devo were not yet the popular Freedom of Choice-era top-selling act of the mid-to-late 80s, and still a weirdo synth-punk combo with high-concept ideas.

Read more about the classic on the blog this week and start watching!


New Sounds From 1988

We’ve added a fantastic Night Flight Original tonight that shows off some of the best music the late ’80s had to offer.

Side A: Episode of New Sounds highlighting the burgeoning bands and micro-genres of the late 80s with Belgian synth act Front 242 (with a video from iconic photographer Anton Corbijn), Australian punk act Lime Spiders, Edie Brickell & New Bohemians massive hit “What I Am,” and some fantastic Joy Division inspired coldwave from Siglo XX.

Side B: Time for some rapid fire Flash Tracks featuring the masters of party anarchy: Fishbone, the brilliant vocal contortionist Bobby McFerrin, and finally the big sounds from Scotland’s Big Country.


Black Wax: Robert Mugge’s 1982 portrait of the great poet-singer-songwriter and rap music forefather Gil Scott-Heron.

On the blog this week, iconic music documentarian Robert Mugge gives Night Flight an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of his 1982 film Black Wax, which centers on the late African American poet-singer-songwriter Gil Scott-Heron — the man Melody Maker called “the most dangerous musician alive” and many dubbed the forefather of rap music — and his ten-piece Midnight Band. Watch it now as part of our collection of Robert Mugge music documentaries over on Night Flight Plus.


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