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By on June 16, 2017

Dr. Ruth Arrives on Night Flight Plus!

Night Flight is excited to announce the addition of sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer’s video library to our Night Flight Plus channel.

Like long-lost siblings of 1980s late night TV, Night Flight and Dr. Ruth are together at last with the start of a collection of vintage episodes that are streaming right now.


We’ve worked with Dr. Ruth directly to get her extensive library onto our streaming platform. We’re starting this weekend with 12 excellent episodes.

Like the Night Flight archives, we’ll be sharing all the hidden gems and special moments that made this show truly groundbreaking for its time.

Read more about Dr. Ruth on the Night Flight blog.


We’re kicking off with an excellent selection of interviews

That’s right, we’re streaming Dr. Ruth’s ’80s interviews with celebrities, rock stars and lots of special guests. Dr. Ruth’s shows are known for their mix of on-air therapy sessions and candid celebrity interviews.

We preserved these 12 episodes in their original format, so you’ll get the full Ruth experience. For our first batch, we bring you Jerry Seinfeld, LL Cool J, Burt Reynolds, Anthrax, Gloria Steinem and more…



An eclectic mix of Dr. Ruth programming from 1984-1992. Our first batch of episodes highlights the diversity of Dr. Ruth’s programming. From the very popular mid ’80s program “Good Sex with Dr. Ruth,” to 1989’s teen advice show “What’s Up Dr. Ruth,” you’ll get the feel for Dr Ruth’s signature formats and style.

In these episodes, you’ll see Ruth answer letters on the air, stage short therapy sessions with troubled couples in studio, and answer phone calls from the TV audience watching at home. There are other surprises now and then too, but you’ll just have to watch the episodes to see what happens.

And now a special note from Dr. Ruth herself to Night Flight fans!

What Dr. Ruth Westheimer did for the conversation around sex in the ’80s broke the mold and had a real social impact while being wildly entertaining.

We’re honored to help preserve this legacy.

Start watching tonight!


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