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By on June 2, 2017

Billy Idol Video Profile

Night Flight’s Video Profiles are an essential part of the library. This week, Night Flight profiles rock’s ‘rude boy’ “Billy Idol” in this classic segment from 1985.


“I don’t want to see the no flabby, boring old Billy Idol trying to be what he was when he was 21… I’m young, I need to move about,” he tells Night Flight in a candid interview.

Watch as Idol discusses the role of New York City on his art, how he views his critics, and what inspired his name. Watch it tonight.


Remembering Wendy O. Williams, Chainsaw Princess who became the Queen of Shock Rock

Sunday, May 28, 2017, would have been Wendy O. Williams’ 68th birthday, so we thought we’d remember her today and direct your attention to her Night Flight Video Profile, which featured the Plasmatics’ music videos for “The Damned,” and “It’s My Life,” written by KISS‘s Gene Simmons.

Our profile of the Queen of Shock Rock originally aired on September 20, 1985, and you can watch it now on Night Flight Plus, and read the blog post about Wendy O. Williams here.


“This City Never Sleeps”: Eurythmics talk about the art of making videos on Radio 1990

Tucked inside one of our full “As Aired” episodes is a Radio 1990 Video Profile on the band Eurythmics.

Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart talk candidly with Lisa Robinson about the explosion of music videos, in which Lennox shares the sage wisdom that “lousy videos usually go with lousy music.”

Watch this full-length episode — it originally aired on July 27, 1984 — now on Night Flight Plus. Read the blog post about the Eurythmics here.


Night Flight Begins Fundraising!

This week, Night Flight took off on an exciting new journey with a fundraising equity campaign. We’re selling shares of Night Flight Inc. (parent company to Night Flight and Night Flight Plus) to grow our audience, acquire new films and begin producing original content again.

If this sounds interesting to you, we invite you to check out the campaign.

Unlike Kickstarter, WeFunder is not a website for donations, it is a platform for investments. This a pretty exciting step for us, and we hope you check it out.


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