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By on November 25, 2016

Announcing Midnight Movies: Free On-Demand streaming on Night Flight Plus every weekend.

Haven’t signed up for a Night Flight Plus subscription yet? No problem. We’ve got you covered starting this week with a free film every Saturday night.

We’re resurrecting the Midnight Movies theme that inspired the original Night Flight journey.

This week, join us as we descend into Richard Elfman’s cult classic: Forbidden Zone.


On the blog today, Night Flight’s creator Stuart S. Shapiro walked us through the inspiration for this new feature on Night Flight Plus.

He describes the untapped potential of the late ’70s Midnight Movie crowd, and how Night Flight was born to fill that void. Read more here.

Here’s how it works: Every Saturday night at 11pm, we’re making the featured Midnight Movie available on all of Night Flight Plus’s platforms including, Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV.

You’ll have until 12pm Sunday to watch it. All you have to do is download the app on one of your TV devices or simply head to Night Flight Plus.

No ads, just the film.


Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out

New to Night Flight Plus this week is Timothy Leary’s Dead, the definitive documentary on LSD Guru Dr. Timothy Leary.

Explore Leary’s journey through his experimental 1960s, the hippie 70s, his thoughtful 80s and the futuristic 90s. Journalizing his final year before dying of cancer in May 1996, this documentary takes a sentimental walk down memory-lane to honor a man whose place in history is surely guaranteed.

Tune in tonight.


“Tonight we bring you your favorites!”

“Over the last couple months you’ve written in to tell us what you want to see most,” Pat Prescott says, while detailing the viewer-requested curation behind this 1986 episode of Night Flight.

Turns out Night Flight viewers had great taste. Among the top requested artists are Kate Bush, Prince, Culture Club, The Thompson Twins, and Duran Duran. Not bad, not bad.

Check out this exceptional episode of Night Flight, that turns the attention back on the fans and viewers, who in 1986, made the Night Flight dream a reality. Watch Night Flight’s Most Requested Videos (1986) tonight.

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