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By on April 14, 2017

The Video Artist (1982)

One of Night Flight’s most revered segments returns on Night Flight Plus this weekend.


This episode of The Video Artist follows Stephen Beck, who creates abstract analog visuals with his direct video synthesizer.

Beck was an inventor, video artist and writer who was a pioneer in the video synthesis medium.

“My interest is using the video synthesizer as a compositional tool,” he says as he walks Night Flight through his process. His hallucinatory and beautifully surreal videos are a piece of art history.

These segments are some of the richest we have in the archives, and a true honor to restore on Night Flight Plus. Watch it tonight!


Explore the hydrodynamics of Tom Waits’s peculiar & eccentric post-’70s career

Tom Waits: Under Review 1983-2006 — now streaming on Night Flight Plus in our collection of Under Review music docs — takes a look at the extraordinary musician and performer’s eccentric career, beginning in the 1980s, during a period when Waits says he was “exploring the hydrodynamics of my own peculiarities.”

The eighty-minute documentary features rare interviews, seldom-seen footage and unusual photos from the period, and live and studio recordings of Waits’ classics from the period.


Otaku No Video cleverly combines comedy & satire, anime and faked-up mockumentary footage

“Otaku (おたく/オタク) is a Japanese term for people with obsessive interests, commonly the anime and manga fandom.”

Otaku No Video (“Fan’s Video”) is an outrageous mockumentary that combines the superb animation that made GAINAX one of Japan’s best-loved animation studios with truly strange interviews.

It is a true treat for true fans of the genre.

Watch it tonight!


Night Flight Merch Arrives!

We interrupt your regular programming for this brief commercial break!

Now you can buy the Official Night Flight T-shirt, produced with the original logo, and overseen by Night Flight creator Stuart S. Shapiro.

The logo was printed using simulated process screen printing and looks amazing on the premium next level cut.

Head over to the new Night Flight Store to pick one up today.


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