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By on March 17, 2017

Classic Kung Fu from the Wu Tang Collection is now streaming!

We’re stoked to announce that we’ve just added a brand new category over on Night Flight Plus, the Wu Tang Collection, where you’ll find “Kung Fu Theater”-style martial arts movies — spanning five different decades (’50s-’00s, but mostly from the ’70s and ’80s) and originating from several different countries (China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, etc.) — which we promise will be the weirdest action flicks you’ll ever see.


The Night Flight Blog created a overview and profiled 10 titles currently streaming. A great place to start – Read more!


Explore the titles tonight

This awesome collection — originally gathered up in the 1990s, ostensibly capitalizing on the popularity of the Wu Tang Clan, who emerged in the summer of ’93 from the slums of Staten Island to take the hip-hop world by storm — really runs the gamut of genres and styles, jumping back and forth from Bruceploitation comedies, to serious Shaolin Kung Fu fighting, to Italian Giallo-inspired horror, to Wuxia (esoteric fighting styles with a lot of rotoscoped magic lasers and monsters).

What are you waiting for?


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