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By on February 24, 2017

Take a tour of ’80s Hollywood with Night Flight’s 1986 Academy Award Preview

In preparation for the upcoming 89th Academy Awards this weekend, welcome to Night Flight’s look at the 1986 Oscars’ nominees.

Night Flight looks at nominees for Best Original Song which included Quincy Jones, Huey Lewis & The News’ #1 hit from Back To The Future “The Power of Love,” Lionel Richie and Phil Collins.


In the same episode, Night Flight looks ahead to other films from the period in a genre that Pat Prescott lovingly refers to as The Sensitive Years.

It’s a Who’s Who of ’80s child and teen actors with previews of Pretty in Pink, Smooth Talk, and Lucas, which offers the bonus clip of an exclusive interview with Corey Haim. It’s essential ‘80s Hollywood through the lens of Night Flight.

This new addition to Night Flight Plus is a companion piece for an episode that’s been on the site since we launched, which highlights films nominees from ’86, and was written about on the blog last week.


Joe Strummer Tribute

Joe Strummer Tribute Concert: Cast a Long Shadow — now streaming on Night Flight Plus — is a loving, heartfelt tribute to the co-founder of the Clash, a man who died at 50, just as he seemed to be getting his second wind as a performer and songwriter. Hearing the songs makes one realize how badly Joe Strummer is missed.

Read more on the blog and watch it tonight!


The Clone Returns Home

Continuing with the trend we started last week with our Samurai Collection, this week we’re offering a more recent piece of Japanese cinema from our friends at distributor Animeigo.

In The Clone Returns Home, an astronaut dies on a mission, but never fear – he’s got a clone, which has been imprinted with his memories.

Kanji Nakajima directs this film produced by Oscar-nominated director Wim Wenders.


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