New Arrivals: Your guide to new titles on Night Flight Plus this weekend

By on November 10, 2017


New Arrival: The Who, The Mods and The Quadrophenia Connection

We’re thrilled to add this in-depth The Who documentary to Night Flight Plus this weekend. The film explains the complicated and misunderstood connections between the Mod movement – which had guaranteed The Who’s early success – and the Pete Townsend composed musical depiction of that movement, Quadrophenia. Watch tonight!

Using recently unearthed archive footage from the early movement, rarely seen performance and interview footage of The Who, plus expert contributions and comment from a panel headed by friend of Pete Townsend and the band’s ‘Mr Fixit’ throughout their career, Richard Barnes.



Tonight, we’ve added three more episodes of the beloved re-dubbed parody of Japanese adventure show Kagaku Sentai Dynaman. For anyone who’s counting, that brings the current streaming collection to 6 on Night Flight Plus. Dynaman is peak Night Flight with its blend of cult monsters, weird humor, early special effects and of course, a killer ’80s soundtrack.

Check out all 6 episodes tonight on your streaming device in the new Dynaman row! We take a close look at origins and production of Dynaman in this blog post. The article is a must read for any fans of the unique Night Flight offering.


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