New Arrivals: Your guide to new titles on Night Flight Plus this weekend

By on October 27, 2017


“Tonight, a trip into terror, a journey through the macabre…” – Pat Prescott

NEW ORIGINALS: In Night Flight’s 1986 Halloween special, we start with in-depth previews of multiple cult films of that year including From Beyond, Deadly Friend and metal monster movie Trick or Treat (featuring an exclusive press clip with Gene Simmons and Ozzy Osbourne interviews!).

Stick around for an hour-long mashup of Horror throughout film history, with titles that range from the exotic (The Beast with a Million Eyes), surreal (Buñuel’s Un Chien Andalou) and classic (Nosferatu). Simultaneously cult and camp, this Night Flight Horror Supercut is an entertaining, educational journey through the genre. This is some of Night Flight’s finest, folks, don’t miss it!


Return to October 1986… Take Off to Rock and Horror!

The Ramones, Cabaret Voltaire, J. Geils Band, Rockwell, and many more make an appearance in another Original Episode added to Night Flight Plus this evening: Take Off to Rock and Horror from October 25th, 1986. This music video medley features the great ghouls of rock and roll and is the perfect way to close out your October.

On the episode’s B Side, Night Flight screens then student filmmaker Dan Carbone’s post-apocalyptic science fiction film, DOT, a surrealist B&W film sought after by hardcore Night Flight connoisseurs.


Excellent titles added this month are here to stay!

October is soon to end, but our eclectic offerings of b-movie, cult, and just plain weird Horror titles will be on Night Flight Plus all year round. So if you didn’t have time to check out our new Arrow Video films, 1970’s psychotronic horror, or our special Elvira New Wave Theatre episode, don’t fret! You’ll have all year to do so. In the meantime, here’s a handy list:

New Wave Theatre feat. Elvira
Monster Make-up, Hosted By Dick Smith
The Mysterious Monsters (1976)
The Residents: Talking Light
Charles Manson: Superstar (1989)
Society (1989)
The Black Cat (1981)
Bride Of Re-Animator (1989)
Blood Rage (1987)
Madhouse (1981)

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