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By on February 23, 2015


A new book by The Fall bassist Steve Hanley and writer Olivia Piekarski called “The Big Midweek: Life Inside The Fall” details a never before heard perspective on confounding post-punk legends.

The Fall are a band that, other than mainstay frontman Mark E. Smith, has had record-breaking turnover to the tune of 66 different musicians in the past 39 years. Hanley’s bass is regarded as an important part of The Fall’s signature sound and being one of the longest running members (1979-1998),  his autobiographical take should be quite revealing for die-hard fans.

The book is sure to detail some of the more tumultuous aspects of being on the road with a group known for a misanthropic frontman mixed with a heavy dose of drinking.

via BBC 6 Music

via BBC 6 Music

The announcement of this new book inspired us to track down Night Flight’s exclusive interview with Mark E. Smith in 1988. If you’re more accustomed to the belligerent version of Smith the performer, get ready to be surprised by a reserved, thoughtful Smith, who explains his goals  are to “stimulate people almost like an author would.”

Smith will probably always go down as one of the most stereotypical “difficult frontman” types, but this quote from our interviews stands out as it offers a difference perspective on what he felt his responsibility was to the band as a unit: “My main goal is to keep 6 people fed without compromising and that’s what we’re doing. I’m not a financially orientated person, and that’s maybe one of my weaknesses.”

Check it out below, and for fans looking for a deeper look at the infamous band find the new book here.

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