Larry Hankin: “Revenge Of The Ring Thing or Randalf & The Sacred Silver Sword of Truth”

By on July 24, 2015

Sure, you’ve heard of Gandalf, we’ve all heard of Gandalf, the Great Grey Wizard in J.R.R. Tolkein’s The Lord of the Rings, but did you know he had a younger brother, Randalf?


Well, it’s true, why would we lie? Gandalf’s long lost youngest brother isn’t as well known, but just because he’s not as well known doesn’t mean it’s not a true story, and yes, we realize that calling someone who 1,735 year-old young isn’t exactly accurate either, but whatyda goin’ to do?

So, on this particular day, Randalf happens to be studying for his Wizards Exam, which is set to take place the next day, and he’s a little concerned, as we all would be, especially because of that 500 year-old prophecy of vengeance, you know, the one that says “One of Gandalf’s brothers must be killed before the sun goes down.”

Meanwhile, Randalf tells us about the good old days in Gondor, and also tries to set the record straight about the real Middle Earth — “Tolkien got it almost right but, I was there” — while ignoring the ESP warnings of his roommate (an ex-wizard marionette named Spanky) to flee the “approaching Evil Warrior Princess of Doom.”


About Larry Hankin

Larry Hankin is a writer, performer, director, producer and Oscar-nominee - and one of Hollywood’s most recognizable faces in the world of character actors. A graduate of “Second City”, an original member of “The Committee”, Larry has gone on to play roles in such diverse projects as “Laverne and Shirley”; Charlie Butz in "Escape From Alcatraz": the convict Clint Eastwood left behind. He stole the raisins on "Seinfeld"; he was Mr. Heckles, The downstairs neighbor on "FRIENDS"; on "Breaking Bad", Larry was the junkyard owner who destroyed the "Meth" Winebego and supplied the huge electro-magnet this season.   Larry's been seen in over 120 other TV shows and movies along the way, including Michael Bey’s: "Pain & Gain" with Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (“In the film, my character ultimately gets the crap beat out of him by Dwayne Johnson, and I consider it a milestone and an honor in my acting career”, Larry was quoted as saying). But comedic storytelling is where his heart lies: all along, Larry's also been writing short, satiric fables which he‘s been turning into film shorts (30, at present), then directing and starring in them as “Emmett Deemus”, an old, street savvy homeless poet. In Larry’s first film short: “Solly’s Diner,” he introduced his younger, comedic street character, “Sometimes Jones” to audiences here and abroad and was nominated for an Academy Award.   Larry's written and starred over 30 of his own shorts – including Larry's second incarnation of his Sometimes Jones character: Emmett Deemus: basically Don Quixote on a motorcycle: a heroicly inclined, odd elderly biker on a battered old motorcycle with a sidecar: ”The Outlaw Emmett Deemus”. At present, Larry's writing a feature and TV series for Emmett. -xxx-