Introducing Night Flight TV

By on June 19, 2015

Welcome to the next phase of Night Flight: Night Flight TV.

With the launch of 6 short weeks ago, we reintroduced the curatorial arm of Night Flight for the digital generation. We wanted to infuse the Night Flight’s original aura into a website steeped in passionate research and earnest conversation. What that gives us (and you the reader), is a constant source of new material, pulled from the depths of video archives, reimagined and re-contextualized within article format. It’s our programming for the 21st century, updated daily and alive with fresh content.

Producer Stuart S. Shapiro’s vision for the next stage of Night Flight’s relaunch, Night Flight TV, was guided by the core belief of Discovery. He aimed to achieve an immersive and dynamic destination to get lost in rich and engaging video content, a place to fall down a rabbit hole of discovery. Together, we wanted to replicate the feeling of turning on the USA Network at 12AM on a Saturday night, and unearthing something new, weird, amazing and ultimately inspiring.

What you’ll find on Night Flight TV

Night Flight Archive:

Over the next year, we will be adding selections from the Night Flight archive to the new Night Flight TV. This archive features interviews with legends like Neil Young, Lou Reed, ACDC, BB King, Grace Jones and rare performances from New Wave Theatre. It will also feature hours of comedy specials, produced by Stuart S. Shapiro, and featuring stand up from Chris Rock, Andy Kaufman, Tim Allen and more.

Night Flight Original:

Night Flight is teaming up with independent filmmakers to release and stream exclusive original content. Starting with actor and director Larry Hankin, we will continue to premiere new partnerships that bring you exclusive, independent entertainment.

Night Flight Voice: 

Our TV section is not limited by what exists in our archives or original material we’ve acquired. We have built the wall to service any kind of streaming content, no matter the source. All of the clips you’ve seen so far on our Blog have now been added to a living, breathing hive mind of video in the form of this television “Wall.”

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 2.34.45 PM The “TV Wall” is dynamic and constantly changing with each visit. No two walls will ever be the same.

We hope you take some time with Night Flight TV. Every time you visit will be a unique experience; no two “video walls” will ever look alike. Come get lost with us and get Back In The Daze with Night Flight’s DNA.

– The Night Flight Team

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