Have yourself a merry Mike Love Christmas

By on December 22, 2016

Merry Christmas from Night Flight, and nothing says Merry Christmas like this post from L.A.-based filmmaker and occasional Night Flight contributor Andre Perkowski, who writes: “Today’s a good day to take stock and a little advice from nearly naked TM guru Mr. Mike Love of the Beach Boys — rubbing himself down with oil to ‘reverse the aging process’ — to properly get in the holiday mindset.”


We asked Andre to tell us a little more about his film collage:

This little cut-up confection uses bits and pieces of rotting VHS mainly riffing off of his famously hideous interview from Lifestyles of the Rich and Famousalong with a TV Christmas special and several snippets scraped off the grill. Music by The Farmingdale Sound Machine.

Thanks very much to The Ultimate Beach Boys Archive channel for some clips, and to Bossaroo, who made a jpg of Mike Love firing off Force lightning from his fingertips that so tickled Love’s fancy, he incorporated it into the video screens of a live show the next day… not realizing he was being compared to an evil Emperor slash galactic bastard. We’re dealing with a man with very little self-awareness here, clearly.


My fascination with this ring-encrusted baseball-capped character and his California Clan may have begun when my father would take the family to 80s/early 90s Beach Boys shows at what was then referred to as The Garden State Arts Center before a bank decided to turn it into advertising. One memory is burnt into my brain: not even halfway through a show, in between songs and in the second row… my father stood up abruptly and announced “let’s leave and beat the traffic!” Mike Love shot us a glare as we loudly stood up and made our way down the aisle.

Years later, I moved to Los Angeles and rekindled my interest in America’s Most Dysfunctional Band to the point of crafting a not-insane-at-all found footage Finnegans Wake feature entitled “Endless Syncopation” that you can quietly go mad watching here.

Consider this a little Christmas addendum, a rotting cherry on the top of a collage sundae.

Remember: Love Always Wins. So let’s beat the traffic and have ourselves a Merry Mike Love Christmas. Please don’t sue me.


About Andre Perkowski

Andre Perkowski​ is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker and collage artist known for his three hour adaptation of the 1964 William S. Burroughs cut-up novel "Nova Express." His underground features weave together found footage, digital, Super-8, and 16mm shards into shambling pop culture Frankensteins. His no-budget Dadaist kung fu epic "A Belly Full of Anger" features the voices of Bob Odenkirk, Joel Hodgson, Trace Beaulieu, and Phil Proctor. His current project is a documentary entitled "Virtual Boys" on the rise, fall, and rise again of consumer virtual reality. You can find further evidence of his arcane research into The Firesign Theatre, Edward D. Wood, Jr., The Residents, Orson Welles, Batman, Brian Wilson, and other subjects at his Terminal Pictures Youtube page: youtube.com/terminalpictures