Happy New Year from Night Flight!

By on December 29, 2018

Happy New Year from Night Flight!

We here at Night Flight HQ would like to thank you for being here. We’d love to take all the credit ourselves for all of the things that make Night Flight special, but the truth is: it’s you.

We thank you for your continued support of Night Flight Plus, and will do our best to bring you even more exciting titles next year, which is right around the corner!

Over these last few days of 2018 — beginning tomorrow, Sunday, December 30, 2018 — we’re going to be taking a look back at some of our most-viewed new arrivals from the past twelve months.

We’ll be giving you a look at the most popular titles in three major categories which you’ll find streaming on Night Flight Plus: Best of 2018: Night Flight Originals, “Take Offs” and Profiles; Best Of 2018: Music Documentaries & Concert Films; and Best of 2018: Retro TV & Cult Films.


This year, Night Flight continued to deliver on its promise of archiving and uploading the treasures of the vault, and tomorrow we’re going to be posting about some of your favorite Original Night Flight entries:

Take Off to Controversial Videos (originally airing on February 5, 1988, this original episode featured a special curated collection of controversial videos);

Take Off to Gothic Rock (featuring videos by Bauhaus, Peter Murphy, Love & Rockets, the Damned, the Sisters of Mercy, and Fields of the Nephilim and the Mission UK, among others);

Aretha Franklin Video Profile (which featured several of her memorable ’80s-era music videos);

John Carpenter Profile (featuring our 1988 interview with the director and clips from a number of his best-loved films of the late ’70s and 1980s); our Mother’s Day Special (this “as aired” episode, with the original commercials intact, features our interview with the members of Havana 3 A.M. and our special feature on the “Mothers of Punk” (Patti Smith, Chrissie Hynde, X’s Exene Cervenka, and Nina Hagen, plus more); and,

New Bands of 1986 (featuring the bands we thought were going to be huge in ’86, including the Hooters, the Waterboys, Charlie Sexton, the Del Fuegos and Mr. Mister).


Then, on Monday December 31, 2018, we’re going to be sharing the titles you couldn’t stop watching from our Music Documentary & Concert Films:

New York City-based filmmaker Lech Kowalski‘s D.O.A. (focused on the Sex Pistols‘ short-lived, seven-city mostly Southern U.S. tour);

American Hardcore: The History of American Punk Rock 1980-1986 (Paul Rachman’s 2006 documentary features incredible never-before-seen live footage of some of the best primal-to-the-core punk bands from the ’80s, including Black Flag, Minor Threat, Bad Brains, the Adolescents, 7 Seconds and many more);

Aural Amphetamine: Metallica & the Dawn of Thrash (this 2008 UK documentary tracks Metallica from their earliest days as a Bay Area thrash metal band right up to the release of their self-titled fifth studio album);

Finding Joseph I: The H.R. from Bad Brains Documentary (this 2017 documentary delves deeply into the eccentric life of punk rock reggae lead singer Paul “H.R.” Hudson from Washington D.C.’s Bad Brains);

Clockwork Orange County (this 75-minute documentary — excitedly sub-titled “The Rise of West Coast Punk Rock!” — chronicles the storied Orange County, CA-punk rock scene in the late ’70s and early ’80s, as well as giving viewers a look back at the fractious saga of the Cuckoo’s Nest, the Costa Mesa-based club owned by the always controversial Jerry Roach); and,

Butch Devo & the Sundance Gig (which was originally included as a bonus disc accompanying their The Men Who Make The Music DVD).


Then, on New Year’s Day — Tuesday, January 1, 2019 — we’re going to be posting about our most-binged Cult and Retro TV titles:

Arise! The SubGenius Movie (which tells the story of beloved founder J. R. “Bob” Dobbs and his Church of the SubGenius, an adults-only discordia-influenced “religion” ideally meant for those who “slack”);

The Paul Lynde Halloween Special (which originally aired on ABC in 1976, this nearly hour-long Halloween-themed special features comedy sketches, choreographed song & dance routines, celebrity guest cameos and KISS‘s primetime TV premiere );

Linda Lovelace’s Loose Lips (a fascinating and decidedly NSFW documentary-style film was co-directed by pop culture journalist, historian and author Legs McNeil);

The Deadly Spawn (a cult horror classic from 1983 about a handful of plucky citizenstryinig to find a way to stop angry space alien salamanders from reproducing before they gobble up everyone in New Jersey, one bite at a time);

Hollywood Cop (another NSFW cult classic about what happens when a violent crime mob kidnaps the child of one of their former members only to find themselves having to deal with a renegade mullet-headed cop); and,

Shock Waves (Ken Wiederhorn’s 1977 low-budget creepfest, which is just one of eighteen cult horror titles you’ll find in our Blue Underground section on Night Flight Plus.

To quote Peter Ivers in Night Flight’s 1983 New Year’s Special: “People need to believe humanity has a future, and there can be no future without culture.”

Well, Night Flight patrons, YOU are the future of culture. Happy 2019!


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