“Gorgon Video Magazine” (1989): Dedicated to the healthy expression of guts, gore & carnage!

By on October 25, 2019

Gorgon Video Magazine is an electronic gorefest of horror previews, graphic horror film footage too gory for TV, Shock Rock, in-depth interviews with splatter masters, chilling special effects, and buckets more, hosted by Michael “The Hills Have Eyes” Berryman!

Have a look at this 69-minute occasionally NSFW dubbed-from-VHS cult classic — which broke ground as the first horror video magazine dedicated to the healthy expression of guts, gore & carnage! — now streaming on Night Flight Plus.

In 1989, after Night Flight’s nearly decade-long run on the USA cable network, Night Flight founder/creator Stuart S. Shapiro channeled his talents towards a couple of magazine-style VHS home video releases, conceiving and producing the short-lived video cassette compilation series — along with Laurie Kaye, who is credited as Senior Producer/Editor-in-Chief — at the L.A.-based offices of his International Harmony film distribution company.

The video is loaded with all kinds of cool stuff, kicking off with a revealing interview with director Wes Craven on location with his film Shocker, giving us a behind-the-scenes preview of the movie (it was released to theaters on October 27, 1989).

Craven also provides us with a look at two of his classic horror films, Last House on the Left, and The Hills Have Eyes.

Craven talks candidly about what turned this former “church-goer” and “working class kid from Cleveland, Ohio” into becoming a horror filmmaker, and how he’s also had to deal with the MPAA, who had given all of his movies (except Serpent and the Rainbow) an X-rating upon their first viewing.

Craven also talks about how his long-forgotten 1985 TV movie, Chiller.

Next up, we’re being given an exclusive look behind-the-scenes at the horror paraphernalia and ghoulish prosthetics created at then-newly launched KNB EFX special effects studio — launched a year earlier in L.A. — by Robert Kurtzman, Greg Nicotero and Howard Berger, the effects trio known as KNB EFX, who are interviewed on-camera about their burgeoning horror movie effects business.

At the time, they’d already done prosthetic makeup and animatronic effects for movies like 1987’s Creepshow II, 1988’s Intruder, and 1989’s The Horror Show, Nightmare On Elm Street: The Dream Child and other gory greats.

Following that is an interview with the Queen of the B’s, Linnea Quigley, who chats about Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers and her own hilarious Linnea Quigley’s Horror Workout, which is shown along with mouth-watering scenes from her Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama and Night of the Demons.

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Our Linnea Quigley sequence segues into an exclusive and rare interview with Troma’s renegade director Lloyd Kaufman, who provides inside scoops and scenes from Evil Clutch, Toxic Avenger I & II, and Rabid Grannies.

Kaufman also chats with us about his problems at Troma with censorship (their first film was 1973’s Sugar Cookies).

The Gorgon gorefest continues with the magazine’s planned movie review segment “Rick’s Reviews,” hosted by crazed horror movie critic Rick Sullivan (of Gore Gazette fame).

Sullivan tells us several new horror movies in his uniquely twisted way — like Cameron’s Closet, Bad Taste, Vicious, and one of our personal sicko horror movie faves, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer — as well as showing us graphic clips.

Charles Schneider’s Sans Amour is up next, a classic bloodbath cabaret you probably won’t be able to see anywhere else, and that’s followed by a look at a drive-in sleaze double-feature nightmare from Sinister Cinema — A Bucket of Blood and Attack of the Giant Leeches — both from the black & white year of 1959.

Since you know that we here at Night Flight HQ would never forget to serve up some tasty music whenever we get the chance, we have a very exclusive Shock Rock sequence with the band Gwar, directed by frequent Night Flight contributors Tom Stern and Alex Winter.

Stern & Winter’s segment includes a filmed performance of the band’s heavy metal-themed horror (complete with decapitation) as well as an interview with Gwar’s Slaves, who sprinkle their conversation with terms like “gigantic genitaliatica” and “necrophlic butt sex.”

Warning: Gwar are not for fans of the Beach Boys! As Michael Berryman puts it, Gwar “… makes Alice Cooper look like “Sesame Street”!”

Did we mention yet the inclusion of splatter animation interstitials by Joe Horne and director John O. Francis Jr.?

Or, the horror trailer festival showing 1989 audiences the latest in blood offerings: Death Spa (1987), Girlfriends From Hell (1989) and Judgement Day (1989).

We know we’ve probably left out a few other highlights too, but we’ll let you discover these and other bits and pieces along the way.

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