Exclusive: Talking Metal podcast host Mark Strigl picks his Top Five Favorite Night Flight Plus titles!

By and on September 10, 2018

Mark Strigl is an Emmy award-winning TV Producer/Director/Writer. He has worked for such clients as Rosie O’Donnell, Steven Spielberg, M. Night Shyamalan, WeTV, Fuse, MTV, IFC, USA Network, Broadway Video, Syfy, FYI, and VH1 Classic’s “That Metal Show.”

Mark helped start the podcast revolution back in 2005 with Talking Metal, which is still one of iTunes’ most popular music based podcasts. He plays guitar and attends tons of concerts.

He loves the Night Flight Plus streaming app and is a dedicated subscriber, too!

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Emily and Mark Strigl from Talking Metal

Mark recently interviewed Night Flight creator/founder Stuart Shapiro on episode 773 of the Talking Metal podcast, where they discussed how he went about setting up the Night Flight Plus streaming TV app, Dr. Ruth, Night Flight on IFC, the future of Night Flight, Stuart Samuels, Lonn Friend, the Metalhead VHS, and much more (the interview with Stuart Shapiro starts around the 44-minute mark).

Here are the Top Five Favorite titles Mark recommends watching on Night Flight Plus along with his comments on each.

5. Night Flight’s “Heavy Metal Heroes” (Original airdate: 6/21/85)

A perfect music video block of hard rock and commercial metal with video quality that is far superior to what you’ll find on YouTube. This is the way music videos were meant to be watched, in a block with fun interview bites mixed in. Dokken, Keel, Raven and Def Leppard bring the hooks and good looks at maximum volume.

And if you were bummed out by the recent 2018 news that the Miss America competition dropped the swimsuit portion of their pageant, prepare to travel back to a not-so-politically-correct time when the Canadian band Helix had a music video for their song “Gimmie Gimmie Good Lovin.”

The concept for the clip is pretty straightforward, a Miss Rock Fantasy beauty pageant and it definitely features swimsuits along with leather, chains, and handcuffs.


4. Dr. Ruth and Anthrax

On this episode of the 1989 Dr. Ruth TV show, “What’s Up, Dr. Ruth?,” the iconic sex therapist talks with the members of Anthrax and their mothers. The whole episode is so awkward that it’s fantastic. A lost classic from a lost time.


3. Iron Maiden & the New Wave of British Heavy Metal

One of my favorite music documentaries. The NWOBHM was so much more than just Iron Maiden, and this film does a great job of covering it all. It makes you feel like you were there. Very well done. A must for all fans of metal.


2. The US Festival 1983: Days 1-3

The greatest rock festival of all time. I played the hell out of my old Betamax videotapes of this festival when I was a kid which made watching this documentary on the event such a treat.

This three-day party of New Wave, Heavy Metal and Rock was thrown by Steve Wozniak (Apple computers) featuring performances from U2, the Clash, Judas Priest, Stevie Nicks, Scorpions, INXS, Men at Work, Stray Cats, Triumph, Missing Persons and more. A look at a time in music and culture that will never be repeated.


1. D.O.A.: A Right of Passage

I have been hearing about this documentary for years and, after recently watching it on Night Flight Plus, I must say it lives up to the hype.

The live performance footage of the Sex Pistols 1978 tour of the United States — which ended with the group breaking up — is fantastic. I always hear how the Pistols sounded terrible and Sid couldn’t play the bass.

This documentary proves this a falsehood. They sound incredible. We also get a somewhat disturbing look into the relationship between Sid and girlfriend Nancy Spungen. Although it does tend to focus on the Sex Pistols, there are lots of other exciting bands that are covered too.


Thanks, Mark!


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