David Lynch Is Playing With Barbie Dolls Again

By on April 28, 2015

David Lynch wasn’t able to be on hand at the recent sixth annual Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards, so he sent them this 5-minute short film – voiced by Lynch himself and starring a Barbie doll named “Trixie” — instead.


Trixie: “Dave isn’t here right now, but he asked me to thank you all on his behalf. Actually, all of them asked me to thank you. I was telling Dave that my form of meditation is taking all my clothes off and lying in the sun on the beach. That’s what I like.”

Lynch was honored for his work with the David Lynch Foundation, which has become a powerful force introducing Transcendental Meditation as a healing and stress-reducing program to hundreds of thousands of children and adults.

Read more about Lynch’s foundation here.


This isn’t the first time Lynch has played with Barbie dolls: A few years back, in 2011, David Lynch made a home-recorded conversation with a Barbie doll in which he promoted his Signature Cup Organic Coffee; the Mattel toy company saw the ad too… and they were not pleased; the Barbie doll maker “kindly asked” David Lynch to remove the video commercial from his site as well as from Vimeo, which effectively broke the tens of thousands of embeds on blogs and social media profiles.

Then, AdWeek named it one of their “30 Freakiest Ads of 2011,” and they’ve made it available for all the see — they also said this about it:

It was weird enough that David Lynch decided to market his own brand of coffee—David Lynch Signature Cup Organic Coffee. But then, perhaps not surprisingly, he gave it some even weirder advertising—this four-minute clip, in which the famed director flirts with a disembodied Barbie head as he talks about the product. Lynch has never been too fond of marketing—he once responded to a question about product placement in movies with a blunt obscenity. But here, at least, he has some fun with it. Mattel was probably less amused.


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