“Darth by Darthwest”: Fabrice Mathieu’s supercut re-imagines Hitchcock’s famous cropduster scene

By on June 10, 2016

French filmmaker Fabrice Mathieu is back with a new mash-up supercut, this time re-imagining the cropduster sequence from Alfred Hitchock’s 1959 classic thriller North By Northwest as though it was directed by George Lucas for one of his Star Wars films.

Mathieu once again uses soundtrack score previously recorded by maestro Bernard Herrmann for North By Northwest for his visionary supercut.


If you’ll recall, in the original film, Cary Grant plays an advertising executive named Roger Thornhill on the run after being mistaken for a spy and framed for murder.

The cropduster sequence — which was meant to take place on Route 41 in northern Indiana — was actually shot just east of the intersection of Corcoran Road and Garces Highway (Route 155), near the towns of Wasco and Delano, north of Bakersfield, in Kern County, in the California desert 80 miles north of Los Angeles.

The corn stalks were actually planted by the prop crew into a bare dirt field because Hitch needed it to appear that the scene takes place in rural Indiana.


If you look closely you can see how Mathieu has made numerous changes to nearly each shot in this masterful mash-up, including a road sign on a telephone pole that switches from “bus stop” to “UFO stop.”

Mathieu describes himself on his Vimeo page this way: “Réalisateur, scénariste, cadreur, monteur truquiste (Director, screenwriter, operator, editor).

We’ve featured Mathieu here on Night Flight before: his short film In The Shadow told the tale about a shadow who decided to get rid of his “Wearer,” which Mathieu assembled from scenes from over fifty mostly-classic film noirs, and his masterful Master of Suspense used spliced-together footage from thirty of Alfred Hitchcock’s films to tell a dark new tale about a heavyset murderer who flees into the city after stabbing a woman to death in a motel shower.



Starring: Cary Grant
Music by Bernard Herrmann (score from North by Northwest)
Characters and Films created by Alfred Hitchcock and George Lucas.
Films used: North by Northwest and Star Wars (episodes IV, V, VI, VII)
Special thanks to C3PO, R2D2 & BB8!
Edited and Directed by Fabrice Mathieu

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