1980’s Chris Rock is as relevant and hilarious as ever

By on April 25, 2015

"Saturday Night Live" Cast & Crew Party for 1990-1991 Season - September 29, 1990

By the time 21 year old Chris Rock was included in “Comedy’s Dirtiest Dozen,” a comedy special produced by Night Flight creator Stuart Shapiro, he’d been doing standup for four years and had already gained the attention of Eddie Murphy. Rock had begun to gain notoriety for an acerbic wit and pointed criticisms of social and racial constructs. His bit for ‘Dozen’, a modest 6 minutes long, includes such highlights as masturbating to the Aunt Jemima box, old white women pre-dialing 9-1 when they see a black teenagers and wondering aloud why a landslide defeat of black presidential candidate Jesse Jackson in 1988 wasn’t big enough for rednecks. It’s an early snapshot of an amazing career though sadly, his criticisms of race relations in this country are still relevant as ever.

“So I was in South Africa the other day… or was it Boston?”

And if you haven’t heard yet, Chris Rock is making the jump to lead man in a hollywood film . Check out the trailer for Top Five below:

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