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By on July 21, 2017


Oops! — well, looks like we no longer have the Reba Merrill Collection on Night Flight Plus, but you can read about what we used to have down below and you can head on over to Plus to check out our other celebrity interviews there.

Reba Merrill is an Emmy award-winning journalist, speaker and author of the book Nearly Famous: Tales From the Hollywood Trenches, which you can find on Amazon and on her website.

The interviews come courtesy of Ms. Merrill herself, an Emmy Award-winning journalist with an extensive library of interviews which we’ll be bringing to Night Flight Plus subscribers (we’ll tell you below how you can become one of those if you aren’t already!).

We’ve started off Ms. Merrill’s interviews, dating from ’87-94, with Freddy Krueger (aka actor Robert Englund in full Freddy makeup), Jean-Claude Van Damme, Tom Cruise and the late Brandon Lee.

Have a look at the Freddy interview here, which we previewed last week over on our Facebook page, and then start watching the rest of the interviews we’ve got for you below.

Robert Englund:

In this rare, uncut interview, Reba Merrill interviews actor Robert Englund on the set of A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, where he talks about the Jekyll & Hyde-like dynamic of the onscreen villain he portrays.

Englund describes how his classical English training eventually lead to his role as the iconic Freddy Krueger, what it feels like to be in full Freddy makeup for a twelve-hour day’s worth of shooting, and what it takes for him to get into character on set.


Englund — who credits director Wes Craven with letting the spirit out of the cage — explains how a villain does not necessarily see themselves as the “bad guy.”

Every minute of this fascinating, 40-minute long interview is entertaining, and this is one of the jewels of Reba Merrill’s library. Don’t miss it if you’re a Freddy fanatic.


Jean-Claude Van Damme:

In this nearly 30-minute long candid conversation with Belgian-born actor, martial artist, screenwriter, film producer, and director Jean-Claude Van Damme, he tells Reba about his career on the verge of the 1994 release of his movie Time Cop.

The conversation covers his abrupt move to America to launch his movie career, the importance of Bloodsport, and his emotional vulnerability and influences.


Tom Cruise:

In 1988, when 26-year old Tom Cruise was conducting interviews on the press circuit for Barry Levinson’s Academy Award-winning Rain Man, he sat with Reba Merrill and talked about how he had dinner with Dustin Hoffman’s family.


In this nearly 40-minute interview, he also told Ms. Merrill how he was so broke that he had to hitchhike home from his audition for the movie Taps, how he handles industry rejection and much more.


Brandon Lee:

In this nearly 30-minute inteview with actor Brandon Lee, we learn how Lee leaned to live up to the expectations of his father Bruce Lee’s legacy, and how he had to prove his own toughness by picking fights with the tough kid in the school yard from early age.

In this revealing 1992 interview — he was promoting his movie Rapid Fire at the time, two years before his tragic death on the set of his movie The Crow — Lee also tells Ms. Merrill who his heroes are.



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