Boomers on a Bench: “Freedom From Religion”

By and on August 9, 2015

Just in time for this generation’s right-wing implosion in the form of a billionaire clown on national television, we present for your viewing pleasure: ‘Boomers on a Bench,’ a weekly web series that offers a born-between-1946-and-1964 taste of satire.

Consider this web series a weekly visit to your crotchety, lefty grandpa on a park bench — if your Grandpa were official J-Man Phil Proctor and his partner in crime, Jamie Ashcroft. The web series is the latest addition to our Night Flight Original roster and features our lovable pair of ‘Boomers’ riffing on the news, current events, politics and whatever else interests old timer types these days. It’s ripe with 100% bonafide Dad Jokes, witticisms, idioms, ‘idiotisms’ and more.

The last couple decades haven’t been easy on the Boomer Class, (though with headlines like this one in Time, you could be forgiven for thinking the boomers somehow think they aren’t responsible for the current state of affairs).

The nice thing about these Boomers in particular is that they ‘get it.’ The characters’ disconnect with the current generation and their confusion about today’s world is what makes it so fun. In our premiere episode, they take on the dangerous concoction that is religion and politics. A timely topic indeed.

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