Bert and Ernie watch “Death Wish”

By on July 30, 2015

We told you about Eric Zaldivar a few weeks back, when he posted the “Big Jake killcount” supercut vid, and now he’s back again with a new edit featuring everyone’s favorite Sesame Street characters, Bert & Ernie, watching Charles Bronson take revenge in “Death Wish” (okay, we realize some of you might actually be bigger fans of Big Bird than Bert & Ernie, but that’s just weird).


We reached out to Eric to ask how this supercut came about, and he said this:

“The idea basically stemmed from some Bronson dialogue in Donato and Daughter (1993). In the scene in question he is interrogating a guy named Burt for information. Bronson’s delivery is so strange it always stuck with me.  So I quickly thought of a way to incorporate it into a mash up video.

The name “Burt” is mentioned often so I ran through the list of Burts I know in other media.

Burt Reynolds? Nah, too easy.

Burt Kennedy? Nah, not known enough.

Bert and Ernie? Perfect.

So that’s how the idea got underway. It was just a question of finding the right ‘Sesame Street’ sketch to appropriate all the footage I had in mind.”


About Eric Zaldivar

Eric Zaldivar is a filmmaker, screenwriter, researcher and Spaghetti Western film historian. He co-wrote the original screenplay for Django Lives! and remains involved on the project as a producer (writer/director John Sayles is also now involved). He also co-produced The Scarlet Worm (the world's first "abortion Western"), assisted on the documentary about Dennis Hopper's The Last Movie, and was the second-unit director on Mike Malloy's Eurocrime! The Italian Cop and Gangster Films That Ruled The 70s documentary. Zaldivar has also penned film reviews for Spectacular Optical and other cinema publications. He lives in Miami, Florida.